Hide Transactions in Monzo app

(Alex Meijer) #43

It would be nice to hide a transaction from your list (and unhide them) for example if you want to pay to someone as gift and you don’t want that to show up in your list.

Maybe in idea?

(MikeF) #44

This has come up before, albeit in a slightly different context so I’ve merged the threads to jeep the idea in one place.

(Nick Taylor) #45

Here’s another use case: I’d love to hide things like the instant £1 charge and refund that I get when I use the iTunes store etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #46

Monzo did show some active card checks as feed items which could be dismissed, I could be wrong but I get the impression that they do that less consistently for the current accounts compared to the prepaid cards but perhaps they’ll improve on this at some point.

(Nathan) #47

Just on this i think it would be nice if automatically monzo recognised when an active card check has been refunded and then remove those entries from the feed. Tried to get an uber at the weekend and after a few failed attempts in the earlier hours of the morning a driver decided to accept me… left my feed looking like this

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #48

If you tap into it there is an option to exclude from summary but I’m not sure if it will then do all Uber transactions.

I’d like to know because there are some active card checks from Google and eBay that I’d like to do the same with.

(Toby Toller) #49

At the moment you can only exclude outgoings, not incomings which is frustrating for situations like this.

If you excluded all of these transactions from summary, the graph would still skew by the incomings. Probably not noticeable at this value, but I had an experience like this when Amex decided to refund about 5 days of purchases, then take it back a week later - screwed my Summary for the whole month.

(Nick Taylor) #50

Excluding from the summary also won’t hide them from the main feed. They’re not really a problem in the summary since they balance out to 0.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #51

I think I’d rather have a true and accurate record of the comings and goings on my account. Especially if I want to go back and dispute something in the past.

It’s not really a massive eyesore, having those sequential entries, is it?

(Gavin) #53

your misunderstanding ur just hiding them from the feed not deleting them

(Nathan) #54

No I don’t want them purged from my records, they should still appear in my statements. But id like just a nice auto tidy up feature from monzos side where they remove them from the feed. In my case I had around 12/14 unnecessary entries that as long as i know they have been refunded I honestly have no need to look back on.

I’m sure they could implement a business rule here and do this relatively easily and would make my feed that little bit sleeker looking.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #55

I think if you begin to allow users the ability to arbitrarily hide transactions you make the app less easy to use. You open up the possibility some users become confused, because balances and displayed transactions don’t tally, and you open up the possibility of mistakes being made when users can’t seem to find transactions they think they may have made (but possibly hidden). You also potentially break the search feature on the app.

How much of a problem is this, really, a day or so and they’re gone from view anyway, pushed down the feed by more recent transactions. Who sits staring at a row of duplicated active card checks and agonises about the look of the feed?

In short I think development time is better spent elsewhere.

But I like your debating technique @gavin29:
Me: I don’t agree with your proposal
You: You’re mistaken
Me: …

I didn’t realise when you asked if anyone else agreed, you didn’t want anyone to actually disagree.

(Jai Sullivan) #56

Same could be said for the new ‘Coin Jar’ UI :zipper_mouth_face: — I think there is a case for some sort of ‘hide’ feature. A good number of examples have already been outlined. For sure, there are some odd transactions I would like to hide (providing there was a way to still view/restore them if I really needed to.

(Gavin) #57

i dont care if you disagree yeah all im saying is you dont have to use the feature if you dont want to but people that wanna use it can if its not for you then simply dont use it simple

(Jai Sullivan) #58

Now I have a real need for this — after constantly telling my friends about Monzo :monzo: and how my feed has to look perfect, they now spam me with 1-10p transactions and references just to annoy the perfectionist in me. :no_mouth: Please help me Monzo!


Tell them it only shows up on the feed if it’s over £10…

You could earn yourself quite a bit!

(Jai Sullivan) #60

Haha! I like your thinking :wink: It’ll work until more of them eventually switch! At the moment I’ve only convinced two.

(Toby Toller) #61

My flatmates at uni always used to wind me up with similar. All the bills came out of my account, and they would always transfer me 1p less and then give me a physical penny.

Very irritating…

(Andrea M) #62

Now I see my predicted salary up to 3 days in advance, and it’s always at the very top of my transaction history. I don’t want people to see the amount unless I toggle it.

Why is it so hard to offer an option to hide the amounts? It makes showing friends Monzo awkward, and checking a random transaction a matter of hiding your phone from strangers unless you want your bus buddy to know at a glance how much you make and have in the bank.

You say to make monzo your main account (which it is for me), understand however that it’s not a petty cash account anymore and people could have significant savings on it.

Thank you