Hide Transactions in Monzo app

(Alex Meijer) #43

It would be nice to hide a transaction from your list (and unhide them) for example if you want to pay to someone as gift and you don’t want that to show up in your list.

Maybe in idea?

(MikeF) #44

This has come up before, albeit in a slightly different context so I’ve merged the threads to jeep the idea in one place.

(Nick Taylor) #45

Here’s another use case: I’d love to hide things like the instant £1 charge and refund that I get when I use the iTunes store etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #46

Monzo did show some active card checks as feed items which could be dismissed, I could be wrong but I get the impression that they do that less consistently for the current accounts compared to the prepaid cards but perhaps they’ll improve on this at some point.