Hide my wife’s payments on her Amex card

I’m a Monzo Premium account holder and I have my Amex account linked which is very handy, but my wife has a shared card on my Amex account and all her payments show up and count towards my monthly spending. I’d love a way to filter payments on her card so they don’t count towards my spending. At the moment it makes trends etc almost useless for me. Is there a way to do this already? If not can I suggest it as a new feature please?

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Not currently, no. It’s not a bad idea, but might be best instead to be able to identify connected accounts transactions + exclude them individually, instead of a specific filter. Unless the open banking connection outlines which card it comes from specifically.

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The only way you’re going to be able to stop seeing your wife’s spending, is if she gets her own credit card.

Yeah I’m not sure if the open banking API exposes the info, it’s certainly visible on my Amex statements, in the Amex app, etc. I get a full list of all transactions, each marked with the person/card that that transaction is tied to. A filter would be ideal, I guess for now I’ll just have to assign her transaction to their own category manually which is a tad tedious.

I’m not paying for two seperate Platinum Amex accounts!! :smile:

You don’t need to. There are hundreds of free ones.


I think, since from a financial perspective your wife’s spend is your liability in this case - it makes sense that her transactions appear on your monzo. It’s be nice if there was a label like in the Amex app but at the end of the day it needs settled like any debt and your numbers in monzo won’t add up if you’re clearing a card with a greater debt than it shows in the app?


If you mean ‘spending’ in the Trends Spending tab, you could create a category called “Wife’s spending”, set it to be excluded in Trends, and it won’t be included in the spending in those reports.
You’ll have to manually categorise each transaction as “Wife’s spending” though.

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You’d need to do the same when the direct debit comes out, and split off wife’s share so it doesn’t impact your spending there too (I think, too early :joy:)

Yeah that’s exactly the conclusion I’ve come to as mentioned in my comment yesterday. I just want to use Monzo’s trends to show me what I have spent in various categories for the month and not include my wife’s spending, so for instance it will only show me what I spent on ‘eating out’, but not what my wife sent on eating out. Manually categorising looks like the only option, but I hope it doesn’t poison the automated category learning process.

Yes I understand that, and it would be nice to continue to be able to see the full details of what has been spent on my Amex account (both cards), but I only want to report on what I spent in my Monzo trends, and filter out my wife’s

We do. Everything my wife spends on my Amex account she pays at the end of the month. This is why I don’t; want what she spent to show in my Trends, because I didn’t spend it and it makes it look as thought I have spent more than I have.

Ah got ya.

Don’t think I’d ever be involved with other halfs finances in such manner :joy:

House bills are paid from the joint account and that’s it.

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Well that’s the point. I’m not really. She’s on my Amex to get the benefits, points, etc but everything she spends on it she pays me back for, so it’s effectively her own account, which is precisely why I don’t want what she spends showing up in my Monzo trends/category totals.

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