AMEX payment missing in Monzo app


Just had a look through my AMEX credit card transactions through the Monzo app, and to my surprise, I couldn’t see the £1000 payment made to the AMEX account. It shows under my Monzo card transactions, so I looked in the AMEX app, where it does appear correctly.

Are there often issues in fetching all transactions from other accounts? I think I have come across it before, and even though I tried to refresh, the missing transactions don’t show up - last time I believe I had to delink the account and relink it for them to show up.

This shows for my AMEX in the Monzo app:

This is what shows in the AMEX app:

Mainly curious, but then again - if I can’t trust that all transactions are showing, it’s a bit meaningless and I might as well use the AMEX app.

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Has it been at least 24 hours since the credit?

It may take some time to process fully, showing instantly to your Amex app because they know the payment is coming, but it’s not yet settled so can’t be visible elsewhere.

I don’t think that’s the case. AMEX always do funky stuff with direct debits showing as received before the funds have actually been debited from the linked bank account, but this looks like it’s more of a case of the connected account not pulling the transaction list properly.

What’s shown in the Monzo app should directly mirror what’s shown in the AMEX app. When does Monzo say that the account was last refreshed?

Yes, it should mirror the AMEX app, but it depends on if the data AMEX send through OB includes this transaction or not. Monzo can’t display something they don’t know about.

If the OP has any other account aggregator apps which include the AMEX and they do include that transaction, then we can say definitively it’s a fault at Monzo’s end.

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I’m fairly sure they do show, but since I no-longer have Plus/Premium I can’t verify.
I’m sure someone else will come along and confirm/deny soon.

Thanks. To prove my point, I just removed AMEX from my Monzo account and added it again, and now the transaction shows up correct - so it is definitely available through OB:


Agree. It said it was refreshed ‘just now’, and more recent transactions were showing. Just posted another reply, where it shows up after I removed the Amex account and added it again.

It just becomes a bit pointless if I can’t trust that all transactions are actually showing, as mentioned - I had noticed it before, where I had to do the same work around, but that quickly becomes boring :wink:

Before you refreshed and it appeared, was your balance/available correct?

Refresh didn’t make it appear - had to relink the account, so remove and add again. Yes the balance shown was the same as on Amex, and more recent transactions were showing too.

Is it amex direct debit?

They violated direct debit rules.

They are supposed to request funds, and show them as actioned on day three.

Instead they show payment received ahead of submitting direct debit. (Point of no return).

Thus like tomorrow you will get notification from Monzo that like funds will be collected on Tuesday or some such.

It also means that for example if you pay to amex now, it will not reduce the direct debit amount (if you would have done manual payment a few days back it would have reduced direct debit amount).

Also their direct debit date of collection is like weeks ahead of payment due. I have up on their direct debit and started to do open-banking integration in their app - which then instantly is processed on both sides, at the same time.