Ability to interact with transactions from other accounts (OpenBanking) in the same way as Monzo transactions

It’s great that we can see our balances/transactions on other accounts with the OpenBanking API. But Monzo should take it a step further and allow us to interact with these transctions in the same way as Monzo transactions e.g:

  1. Split the Bill/Add to Tab
  2. Add Receipt
  3. Categorize
  4. Include/Exclude from Spending Summary (Add an option to include/exclude by default for each account, as well as the usual toggle switch per transaction)
  5. Automatic Export to Google Sheets (Plus feature, perhaps add a new tab for each acccount).

They have plans for this and probably more. This is largely why they built their own integration and didn’t use the Truelayer integration from the openbanking API

A teaser was posted earlier so perhaps you can expect this :soon: :man_shrugging:



I assumed they probalbly would, but no harm in posting it! :slight_smile:
I didn’t see that, thanks for the link!