‘Hide Item’ category

(Anthony de Broise) #1

I would like a category (like general, bills etc) which is omitted from the total monthly figure. I’ve made a couple of transfers in and out of my Monzo account over the past month which makes the overall monthly figure useless for comparison month on month. If I could suppress items that would be great!


ha ha…I can imagine an old boss who would use it to hide trips to erm massage parlours and saunas :wink:

(Anthony de Broise) #3

Just to confirm, I don’t mean hiding the line items from transaction list, just not including them in the total monthly figure and having a separate category named ‘hidden’ or ‘not included’.



(Rumee Ahmed) #5

Please can we hide those god awful active card checks from itunes.


You can clear them off there’s a icon to the right of the description. Got rid of all mine from various retailers.

(Rumee Ahmed) #7

not off the ones who take money and return it *ahem itunes.


I can see the point of keeping those, they are money out and in the account. I’m sure l have had transactions reversed by other retailers like Amazon. Maybe it’s an iTunes transaction thing. Still annoying.

(Rumee Ahmed) #9

you get it back in the end. this wouldnt be pain point if they all used the version where they didnt take money and could clear ir