'Untag' Transactions

(Ben Young) #1

Hi Guys,
Quick suggestion based on a couple of experiences I’ve had with the need to move larger sums of money in and then out immediately of the account. These transactions appear on the graph and in the budget and then I constantly receive notifications saying I am likely to overspend on my month’s budget when I am not as these items aren’t in my budget.

Could there be an addition to the categories - since they are being looked at a lot at the moment - which allows us to remove this transaction from the graph (or Summary it will become) but the transaction remain in the ‘Feed’ and not be counted in our budgets?

If not, is there a specific reason as to why?


(Alex Sherwood) #2

The good news is this feature’s part of the new Spending Summary tab design - you can choose to exclude transactions from the summaries.

If you want to test it out, activate Monzo Labs or if not, I expect it will be a part of the final version of the feature when it’s launched :soon:

(Ben Young) #3

Amazing! Thanks so much!