Hide amounts on notifications

Would it be possible to turn off amounts on push notifications? Especially large amounts. If a phone is out, on a table for example, and a notification comes up that a payment has been made then anyone can see your personal transactions. Instead it would be great to have an option for a push notification to say something like “A transaction at [example location] has been made” or “[example individual] has paid you”.

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You can change your settings so it only shows when unlocked.

Android has similar by memory.


Yeah, Android has a similar setting but you can do it on a “notification category” basis.
Meaning you can keep debits/credits hidden (seperate toggle for each), but all other notifications shown all the time/removed from lock screen.
Wording and options available will vary depending on manufacturer and OS version though.

Personally, I’m not worried about someone seeing my notifications but I can see why someone might want to hide the amount. Doubtful that Monzo will implement this level of customisation though.

Surely the easiest solution is not to leave your phone unlocked in view of others if you don’t want them to see your RSPCA donations?



Perhaps missing what I’m suggesting.

Notifications would still appear on the locked screen, just without the amounts showing. I’m not suggesting leaving a phone out unlocked - that’s asking for trouble in so many ways.

If for example your salary is paid in and you have your phone sitting out (which unless it lives in your pocket 100% of the time is pretty standard) then anyone who happens to glance at your phone when that notification comes up (again quite easy as your phone lights up and people will casually look at it even if they don’t intend to be nosy). Anyone who happens to see your notification will then know how much you are paid in this example.

It seems like a fairly reasonable and sensible change to be able to make.

If your phone is locked, the amount will not show. That’s the case for iOS as standard and as demonstrated above for Android.


Mine look like this when phone is locked, with the above settings.


The amount does show. In those examples preview is turned off so only “notification” appears. What I’m suggesting is that the preview is limited to the the sender/receiver information. Again, for example, if a salary is paid the preview text says nothing more than "You have received a payment from [employers name].

Then turn the preview back off?

Monzo are not going to make this change when the default behaviour is already hiding it.

Someone else will want the merchant hidden and then you have three variations, never going to happen.


Great input, thanks for your feedback

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You shouldn’t enable any notifications if your phone screen is locked. That’s how the recent spate of gym thefts were able to clean people’s accounts out works.


See How is a thief taking thousands from London gym-goers? - BBC News

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I see.

Easily avoid those kind of data leakages by avoiding attending any gym :muscle: