Payment notification include remaining balance and budget

I love the payment notifications but I wish I could at least customise having more information like how much remaining balance I have in my account + how much I’ve budgeted for the day or that specific category.

I believe that the remaining balance used to be in the notifications but was removed for security reasons.

To be honest I don’t think I would like it. Anyone can see the notifications on your phone without unlocking , I wouldn’t like it to say

If I need to see my remaining balance I can just tap the notification, unlock with my fingerprint and see it in a matter of seconds.

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I’d quite like it to say that tbf :joy:


Not quite true on iOS, unless you have the security options turned off, you only see the preview but not the text until Face/Touch ID is verified.

Same on Android but if it’s just one line like my example then that would show in the preview.

who on earth keeps £12,700 in their current account! Also I’m not saying it has to be mandatory, I’m saying, have it as an option to decide on additional information to be included. I personally wouldn’t care if someone saw my phone saying you’ve got £600 in your current account cause everyone knows the rest would be in a savings account.

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I’ve not tested it recently, but I seem to remember that if you make multiple notifications in one day, the later notifications will tell you either £x spent today or £x available or that you’ve gone into your overdraft etc. But not on the first transaction, or other ones if they’re small.

This might have changed now tho

I can toggle my settings on Android so it doesn’t display anything other than what app the notification is from, once the phones unlocked then the full notification becomes available

That figure was just an example :sweat_smile: the main point was that my finances are private and I don’t want people seeing my balance.

It’s was just my opinion, I understand others will feel differently of course. However, in regards to a toggle setting Monzo have said they would keep those to a minimum and avoid them where possible :+1: