Account balance as a push notification

I love knowing how much I have spent in a transaction and in total but would find it really helpful if you also told me how much I had left in my account please. Thanks.

Do you mean in the push notification?

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Yes sorry for missing that bit of info out! :joy:

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It would be really helpful but I’d be concerned that if you didn’t clear the message it would be visible to anyone who picked up your phone, since it’s on the lock screen


If Monzo set it as sensitive then it can be hidden from view on the lock screen. At least you can on Android, I would expect iOS would work similarly.

I think the prepaid card accounts used to work this way. I’ve always assumed that it changed for the current account on the belief that people would be more sensitive around the amount of money available in this type of account.


Not exactly the same, but you can add a Monzo widget on iOS that shows you your account balance on your widget screen (when you swipe right on your lock screen or notification screen) – works well enough imo.


That looks like it could work but unfortunately I don’t seem to have any monzo widgets on my menu so not sure how I could get this option?

Thank you though :slight_smile:


If you go to the bottom of the widget screen and select edit right at the bottom. You should be able to add Monzo.

With iOS you can choose whether push notifications are visible on your lock screen, so I guess It doesn’t have to be visible to everyone.

However personally I’d rather not have this displayed on a push notification or maybe have the option to control whether this is included on a push notification.