Configuration options for certain notifications

(Freddie) #1

I really like having real-time visibility on transactions, but not all transaction notifications are equal. It would be great to be able to configure some transactions to not notify me on my device, or to group them together to give me a summary.

For example, I am sure many of us use TfL or similar every day to/from work. It’s the same amount almost every day, and I know I’m going to pay it. It’s not particularly important in my eyes to receive this notification most of the time, especially as it’s not even in real time.

Therefore, it would be nice to be able to turn off notifications for some merchants. So a couple of thoughts regarding this:

  • I still might want to be notified of some things. If I incur a max charge on TfL due to some error, then being notified so I apply for a refund is going to be valuable to me. This complicates it a bit, as then the notification has to be triggered based on some logic of whether the transaction amount is significantly higher than normal, but that would be awesome.
  • For merchants like TfL I might want a weekly/monthly summary instead. Perhaps something like on a Sunday night a notification saying ‘last week you spent £35 on transport with TfL’. With TfL this might have issues with the delayed nature of the transactions, but I think its worth thinking about!

Edit - the IFTTT just got released and includes this - Awesome! If we can configure this for particular merchants (and mute particular merchants) then that would solve a lot of this.

Make some notifications optional