HEY Email

I don’t think there is a feature I don’t use already. But The Screener is great, along with the natural categories of The Feed and The Paper Trail. They aren’t conversations, they are broadcasts that have no place in my actual inbox. If I want them, then they are there.

I would have loved to have just my first name… But alas being three letters it’s in the premium bucket.

That’s why I have Gsuite right now because I was sick of NameSurname190384 usernames of the past…

@lpoolrob - for those emails you get forwarded - will it “send as” your old account or are you simply replying with your hey email?

No ‘send as’ functionality. Not a deal breaker for me as this is personal email only, but it will be nice to have it back when they get custom domains sorted so I can use rob@surname.com again

after what happened to newton email, i liked the features that i paid for the yearly service then they closed down and promised money back on pro rota basis and i never received anything, now i find it hard to pay for a email service now, especially with this one costing nearly £100 a year

I trust BaseCamp. They have an until the end of the internet policy, Heck they still run and fix security vulnerabilities on a almost 20 year old to do app as 100 odd people still use it haha


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Is that a policy that could actually hold up? I highly doubt “until the last customer turns off the lights” would work in reality. Would they really run a backend service for a single customer? Feels like a marketing gimmick as any policy can be rewritten or ignored.

Paid Vs Free isn’t an issue for me. I’m fully entrenched in the Google ecosystem so that’s not something that bothers me.

What sold it for me was the pure attention to detail.
It feels human. It feels customer centric. They’ve made sense of what email is in 2020 whereas Gmail still feels stuck in a decade ago.

If Google had really committed to Inbox this might be a different story. But we know what happened there.


Whether the policy stands up or not isn’t relevant to me. They already have a proven track record - for 20 years. They aren’t a startup who put a pretty skin on Gmail and tried to charge for it and got out of their depth.

I’m not against paying for an email service (I used another.com for ages and only moved to Gmail when it closed down, if anyone remembers them), but nearly £100 is quite a lot of money.

Still, I’ve signed up for the free trial anyway, to grab name.surname with no numbers :sweat_smile: Now I’m all “Show me what you got”</rickandmorty>

If it goes well, I may be persuaded to shell out for it. It sounds like they aim to solve one of my biggest problems with Gmail - mailing ‘lists’ that don’t let you unsubscribe - so if they can massively reduce the time I spend deleting shit, it could be worth it.

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From what I’ve heard (havn’t looked into HEY properly myself so take it with a pinch of salt) everything HEY does can quite easily be replicated in gmail though? Its just a case of making a couple of rules


Gmail on a desktop is such a mess. I don’t understand how they’ve made something so simple into such a mess.

I don’t really email for much more than order confirmations, plus I want 3 char and they are expensive!


My only wish was that they allowed for montly billing like GSuite does. £6ish a month isn’t awful, I pay about £5 for GSuite, so, meh. About the same ball park.

The ability to really easily screen senders for unsubscribing is something else.

Someone had already grabbed Ben@ on day 1 and I’m so sad! Although I don’t think I could pay $300 for it.

I unsubscribed to so many who used covid as an excuse to email me marketing crap.

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So annoying!

It’s really great to hear from you, company I bought a mobile phone case from in 2016. Thanks, every insurance provider I’ve ever had, I’m so glad you care about me during these unprecedented times. But outright refused my claim for no reason when I did need you.

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“Here’s what we’re doing… working from home. Are you working from home? I’m sure you don’t need work shirts anymore but if you do, we’ve got some in the sale”

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“Hi there! You bought something from us five years ago! We thought we’d let you know we’re taking the Coronavirus thing seriously. (Please let us know if you you wish to stop receiving emails from us).”

What a crock of shit. From my perspective, this has been companies who have effed up converting their mailing list to being GDPR compliant back when they were supposed to seeing an opportunity to trick people into ‘signing back up again’, as it were. With few exceptions, every company who emailed me in that context ended up on my shitlist.

(Exceptions being supermarkets, because news of how they were handling instore and online sales was actually relevant, and companies where my annoyance of their tactics doesn’t override the fact I want (or need) to keep buying from them.)

I mean, everyone I have a bank account or credit card with emailed me with their COVID-19 guff, but I can’t bin them off. On the other hand, j-random online retailer I made the tiniest purchase from 10 years ago? Get in the sea!


For anyone interested, there’s a potential rival service coming from Edison called Onmail - I think it looks pretty similar to Hey.

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This is my issue! I even raised it with their support and felt like their response wan’t very customer friendly. They essentially said, it’s $99 for the year, you don’t need a monthly option.

This bothered me quite a bit