DiDi Chuxing and Autobox in Aus

Anyone else getting dodgy account withdrawals from these?
Frozen my account of course. Thought I’d put it out there.

Can’t say I’ve seen anyone mention this firm specifically but glad to hear you’ve frozen your card. Get a replacement on order and hopefully that should be the end of it :crossed_fingers:

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I did get a slightly amusing response from me telling them about it (Autobox):
We assume based on the language used in this email you are not based in Australia.

We do not do things like that here.


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Did you start the email with “jolly good day to you all”?


Isn’t DiDi Chuxing that Chinese Uber that Apple invested something ridiculous like $1billion in?

I think this is the first incident that’s been reported on here that could be remedied by Monzo Plus’ virtual cards!

Less inconvenience to cancel and recreate a virtual card.

Hope you get it sorted OP, and welcome to the community!

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That’s me sold straight away on the cards. I should’ve listened to my friend earlier!

I just (half politely) asked them to stop trying to take money out of my account because I’ve no idea who they are.

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I didn’t say - thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

Got the chat going with Monzo now and I’m going to upgrade!

Cheers and thank god for freezing and notifications!


How did Autobox (or whoever) get your card details in the first place, out of interest?

I’d really like to know, it’s weird because they charged but then refunded just like a normal card check when you sign up so I think it’s someone rather than a dodgy company. But then DiDi attempting to charge straight after (also Australian based) was like someone was renting or getting a taxi about town. You’d think it would ring alarm bells with them!

I’ve just upgraded to plus so a new card is on its way.
I’ve only made a couple of recent payments, I signed up to Brilliant (wrong side of the world), and Avast premium for the VPN - a bit ironic. But someone could’ve had those details ages and just sold them on or used them now.
Hopefully they’ll move on, there’s been no more attempts so I’ve just got to hold out until my new card arrives.

Once you have your new card you’ll likely be fine. DiDi is massive - they have their Chinese operations as well as a fair few dotted around (Australia included). Seems an unusual way for someone to be spending your money though it’s not very high value. Maybe it’s just someone with a similar card number who made a mistake (multiple times…)

I suppose it’s possible to accidentally mistype and just happen to hit someone else’s details.
It would be an odd thing to spend money on using someone else’s money - literally a virtual map lol. Not exactly the perfect crime so you’re probably right it might just be a genuine mistake.
Silver lining - I get a new shiny holographic card

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