Help us improve Shared tabs 🙏

Thanks so much for these suggestions :hot_coral_heart: Me and the team are loving the input!


I use a shared tab with my housemates. Being able to add a transaction, cut a custom amount from it would be handy. IE we do some shopping together at sainburys but I also get some of my own bits so not the whole thing needs to be shared. I know I can just make a custom item, but it would be nice to link it with the transaction.


I posted this one a while back, but I think a missing necessary feature right now is how refunds are handled. If I pay a bill, add it to shared tab, and then a refund comes through that should also be added to the tab. I should be able to manually tell monzo “oh actually I owe people here some money” rather than having to ask every other person in the tab to create a transaction

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I love using shared tabs to split bills and purchases with my partner.

However, I don’t like how categories are handled for shared payments. I’m meticulous at selecting categories to analyse my spending. However, when I pay the tab, or my partner pays me, it just comes through as general and doesn’t respect the category split or all the purchases.

I’m sure this would be complicated to do, but it would be such a good feature.

As someone who pays for custom categories in Monzo, I’m keen to see this respected by shared tabs in the future so I can analyse all my spending without having to spend ages working out the category split and amending it myself.


What ideas are currently being worked on/implemented?

The plus and minus buttons are also very clunky and have no logic to them.

Id favor them being removed altogether and maybe have a max button instead perhaps?

Would like to be able to add transfers to other people? Quite often get a request from someone which I pay and then want to add that to the shared tab with my wife.

Great to see Shared Tabs getting some work.
I really think there’s a lot of potential here now that Splitwise limits the number of transactions you can add per day unless you pay for Splitwise Pro. Essentially, I’d love for Shared Tabs to have all the features of Splitwise but also leverage the fact that Monzo is an actual bank.

Off the top of my head, I think adding these features would massively improve the Shared Tabs experience:

  • Partially settle a shared tab.

  • Being able to add a note/description of what the transaction is for when adding an item to a shared tab and being able to add a receipt/share a receipt added to your transaction.
    I find people tend to forget what each item is for, especially when the merchant’s name isn’t particularly recognisable (e.g., when on holiday).

  • Calculate splits in local currency.
    This way you don’t have to figure out the split in € and then manually convert each person’s € amount into £ to do the split.
    The issue of transactions needing time to settle would need to be overcome.. Ideally, the Shared Tab transaction would automatically update to the relevant amounts once the transaction has settled and the transaction rate has finalised.

  • Different options when dividing up a shared tab item (percentages, shares, adjustment - basically what Splitwise has).

  • Marking that a shared tab has been settled (or partially settled) without having to pay using Monzo (e.g., if someone settled up using cash or someone was paid not via Monzo).

  • Add a custom bill in a different currency.
    If someone pays a bill in local currency cash, then it would be great to be able to add, for example, 50€ to the shared tab, split that bill with the Shared Tab members in € then have the transaction convert into £ once it’s been added to the Shared Tab; this way you don’t have to figure out the split in € and then manually convert each person’s € amount into £ to do the split.

  • Ability to remove yourself from a custom Shared Tab transaction.

  • Ability to add a custom Shared Tab transaction paid for by someone else.
    Sometimes it’s easier to just add that you owe someone else money to a Tab yourself instead of getting them to do it.

  • Ability to click into a transaction and see how a split was made.

  • Ability to adjust splits that you’re a part of.


Surely just send them your share?

Unless I just don’t understand what you mean.

Someone else pays, you know your share, you send them your share - instead of having to bill split their end.

This is what I mean:

Let’s say I’m on holiday with a friend and they have 10€ cash on them and so they give me the 10€ so I can buy something.
I want to be able to add a custom transaction on our Shared Tab that says that my friend paid 10€ and I owe them the entire 10€.
Currently, my friend would have to put such a custom transaction on the Shared Tab, but I wouldn’t be able to (you can currently only add custom transactions which you paid for and are owed for).

Put simply, I give you €10, you calculate and send me the £ in a simple 1 handed transaction by bank transfer; with a message saying €10 on it…

I half like this idea but only if they add the ability for non-Monzo people to be added to shared tabs as then you would need a way to say “non-monzo person A paid, so Monzo A and Monzo B owes 33% each”. Such as adding a “Who paid” option within the “add custom bill” page. To prevent unnecessary friction, it should then default to the Monzo account of the person who is adding it.

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Part payment
Non Monzo users being allowed to be added (perhaps they can add to/settle it with something similar to a link?)

Please can you make it so that if the tab has been settled then anyone can close the tab (or the last person paying their outstanding balance.

Certainly a solution, but the same argument could be made for every transaction: why not just work out what everyone owes right away and then do the conversion to £ and get them to pay?
There would be no need for Shared Tabs (or apps like Splitwise or Tricount)!

However, I think Shared Tabs could offer a much nicer experience:

  1. If we already had our Shared Tab set up then I could just add the 10€ to our Shared Tab and it would reduce the number of transactions I’d have to make by one; and
  2. if it was possible to add a custom bill to a Shared Tab in € then Monzo could handle the conversion to £ within the Shared Tab - this would be a much nicer user experience than having to open up Google, search the exchange rate, use that exchange rate to calculate 10€ → £, then reopen Monzo, check I have enough in my main account, search you up in Payments, then pay you (assuming I haven’t forgotten what 10€ was in £ !).

I understand the shared tabs page, it’s convenient, used it plenty over the years.

I just don’t see the value in the €10 cash to be repaid through the effort of:

Opening app
Shared tab
Find contact
Offer €10 or whatever
Back out

Opposed to

Open app
Back out

Give or take a step, it would cause me more friction than I’d ultimately care for.

I fully agree that Shared Tabs working with non-Monzo users would be extremely useful - I only left that off my list because @VaniGoel had said that non-Monzo users functionality was already being worked on:

Fair enough - perhaps this feature would not be for you.
However, it is something I and others have found very useful when using apps that are essentially Shared Tabs (e.g., Splitwise, Tricount) since it reduces the number of payments that are required, which is one of the benefits of using those apps.

I do think you’ve slightly understated the amount of friction in the immediate payment method, a better step-by-step would be:

Open Google
Search “10 EUR in GBP”
Back out
Open Monzo app
Find contact
Set up to pay whatever 10€ is in £ (perhaps having to switch back to Google if you’re unsure you remember is correct/to check)
Approve payment
Back out

So that’s 7 steps in the steps you gave for the shared tabs method vs 9 steps for the immediate payment method, but most importantly the immediate payment method involves having to look up the conversion of 10€ → £; this means this method requires switching between multiple apps which is a little annoying (especially if your phone isn’t great lol).
In addition, the immediate payment method requires more payments to be made then the shared tabs method.

Another point in favour of the shared tabs method is some might want to see all their holiday expenses in one place in the shared tab for record-keeping purposes (this isn’t something I care about though).

For the sake of €10 I’m sure my friends wouldn’t even care for it back, I’ll buy them a beer or lunch.

Anyway, the value of your suggestion doesn’t seem plausible to me.

Can’t imagine the cost involved to try and implement something like that, opposed to shared tabs with external customers which has significantly more value and convenience here in the UK.