Shared Tabs Improvements

Really like this feature, but think it needs some work. A few ideas:

  • Include an optional ‘description’ line for each item. It currently only includes the merchant name, which can be confusing

  • Better notifications. E.g. if somebody deletes a tab item, i’m not notified

  • Improve custom bill splitting: for e.g. iIf there is a £100 bill added to a tab with 4 people, it works it out at £25 each - however say the 4th person didn’t attend, if you manually add their share as ‘0’ it adds their entire share to 1 person, rather than splitting equally between everyone else

Also, adding the bespoke amounts is really fiddly, so a better interface would be great. Ideally there would be 2 options: 1) splitting equally (where removing a person for e.g., means the rest of the bill is split) and 2) bespoke billing where you add the owed amount per person, with a better interface.

  • Allow people to request to leave a tab, without settling the outstanding bill. Example of this recently where I was owed £20 but had been paid in cash, but it wouldn’t let me leave without the tab settling

This would be really useful and is something quite a few people have requested too:

I thought you did get notified if someone removes an item from a Shared Tab. Are you on iOS or Android?

You could easily sort this by adding a manual payment to the tab showing that you’ve paid the total amount you owe already.

Requirement: I want to be able to keep track of all charges related to an individual transparently, split some charges, pass through others, and export the shared tab to csv.

Shared tabs do most of this well, but the restriction that does not allow a bill to be added and fully attribute to someone else doesn’t.

Potential solution:

  1. Remove restriction that each person pay part of a split bill on a shared tab.
  2. Add export for shared tabs.
  • I think this is already possible - you can set the amount someone owes as £0 when you split a bill in a Shared Tab.
  • This could be useful.

Is there a way to cancel bill splits? I.e. when you request from someone. I’ve got 2 pending that are over a year old that were settled in cash and I can’t find a way to remove it.

If it’s not there then this would be an improvement too

That would make sense, however, if you are the one adding the expense to the shared tab, it will not let you take the amount down to zero. See that the minus is greyed out in this screenshot.

Also when you move somebody to £0, the most intuitive response would be to split the bill amongst everybody else, not just add the amount to the bill payer

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If you click on the number you shouldn’t Ben able to edit it to be zero.

I do agree that you should be able to click the button again to get the amount to zero.

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This is a major one for me. It should allow you to select the people within the tab to split with and evenly share. The way it works at the moment to zero out the people not involved makes the split very painful. It means on the next holiday it would be useless when compared with an app like Splid.

I’d love to set a specific amount for an individual item for an individual person. I don’t always want to split everything evenly, and I can’t see a way to manually input an amount for someone with the rest of the bill being evenly split between the other members of the shared tab.

For example, my girlfriend and I usually use shared tabs as a way of tracking holiday expenses or days out. Sometimes it’s just not fair to split everything 50:50, and when I try to reduce someone’s share, it tries to do so ‘evenly’ and won’t let me input exactly how much that person should pay.

If you click on the number when you’re assigning the amount allocated to each person for an item, you can type in the exact amount you want to assign to each person.

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Ahh thank you. Didn’t realise this, I did try clicking the number, but looks like it’s quite fiddly and needs a few presses sometimes for it to actually let you edit it.

I feel like this could be much more obvious and easy to use than it currently is.