Help us improve Shared tabs 🙏

A few suggestions for this:

  • It would be great if a Monzo user could set up the shared tab then add a profile to the tab for a non-Monzo user then invite them to join Monzo and the shared tab.
    Any Monzo users in the shared tab would need to be able to add to the shared tab transactions that include the pending non-Monzo user and transactions on behalf of the pending non-Monzo user; when the formerly non-Monzo user signs up they’d take control of their previous non-Monzo profile in the shared tab.

  • I also think that a non-Monzo user profile should be able to be added to a shared tab without inviting someone immediately (or at all); we need to be able to change the name of that profile until an invite to join Monzo has been sent out!
    It would be great if, for those profiles in the shared tab, it was possible to generate a specific link that can be sent to the non-Monzo user so they can pay off their part of the shared tab; it would be fantastic if the payment of this link could be tracked and the non-Monzo profile be marked as having paid when the link is used to pay (i.e., same as the current functionality for bill splits with non-Monzo users via links).

I’ll be crossing my fingers and hoping for both!
Especially since being able to add a transaction on behalf of someone else seems like it would be crucial to making shared tabs work with non-Monzo customers unless Monzo are planning to create a new ‘type’ of user who can access shared tabs but does not have a bank account with Monzo (I find this option to be highly unlikely since it would take a lot more work then just letting Monzo users in the shared tab add custom transactions paid for by someone else in the shared tab.

Hey strange friend in the internet, you owe me £700 (because I can add transactions for other people now).

Fraudster calls strange friend and dupes them into making the payment via shared tab.

What an open door that is.

How would one prove otherwise in a fraud claim.

I don’t like :joy:

Probably some holes in this plot but I do wonder.

I think you might have got into a muddle?
What you’ve suggested is possible in the current implementation of shared tabs: a frauster can add someone to a shared tab, then add a custom transaction saying that the frauster paid for something, and then convince the victim to transfer the money.

What I suggested is the ability to say another user (the “random stranger” in this case) paid for something; in this case, the random stranger would actually be owed money on the shared tab.
Not the best attempt at fraud if the fraudster ends up paying you!

There was some logic in there somewhere hence the last sentence, I’d have to think it through again.

But back to the main €10 cash and you owe them and paying some unusual way, who knows what the monzo gods want to bring.

Maybe go and do that away from this thread, before shooting down other people’s ideas repeatedly? :woozy_face:


Here come the moaners, people suggest things, other people disagree with them.

That’s allowed.

As for a route to fraud, this is plausible if you can start adding external folk in.

Account takeovers for example, bank transfers can be blocked due to high risk, debit card payments not so challenging, so it’s an easier path to steal money.

It only takes a group of fraudsters working together to make this happen.

Extreme? Yes. Fraudsters are smart, and I wouldn’t put it past them to find ways around this type of platform.

You may have said it already but in a shared tab or bill split the split needs to be in Euro if I have paid in Euro. It shows it in pounds so it’s then super tricky to associate it with the bill I have just shared / paid in Euros.

Hi Vani so please please please if I pay in Euro and bill split or use shared tab the bill splits into pounds! Need it to be in Euro if I pay in Euro. Recent trip this was a pain doing bill splits and shared tab for 20 people. Thanks in advance.

Can shared tabs be updated with the functionality to enable a shared saving goal? Workflow as follows:

  • Tab is opened where the saving target for tab is set and percentile contributions are agreed for members (e.g. Holiday or house renovation tab for three people , each contributing 33% in this instance). The distribution is now set but the target can be adjusted.
  • Overtime everyone contributes their share as they can, if for any reason the saving goal need to close early, the money is returned to all based on their contributions to date and no one is out of pocket.
  • If money needs to be spent, let’s say on AirBnB, a member of the tab would make the payment, add it to the tab and a request to release funds (based on previously agreed distribution) is sent. Once a member agrees to release funds the money is sent. If there isn’t enough money to cover the payment request, additional money is transferred from the Monzo account to settle the tab.

Hope this makes sense and takes away the risk people mention about payment authorisation whilst allowing people to work towards common goals. It would help us immensely as we are in a throuple and joint accounts are restricted to two people.

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I’d love if shared tabs could take the same category when getting sent back. Right now the money comes back as ‘general’ which then means I have to manually work out how much is from each payment and then split the transaction into multiple categories. I am a Max user so have a bunch of custom categories and it would save so much time if when I received payment it auto sorted into the categories the initial transaction is in. This will save me so much time when receiving payment for multiple transactions.



A possible improvement on this:

  • Have the initially set category for each transaction in the shared tab be the category that was chosen by the user who added the transaction to the tab.
  • If the user who added the transaction changes the category of the transaction in their feed(/ through their shared tab item), then change the category of that transaction for that user in their feed and shared tab item.
  • If another user (one who didn’t add the transaction to the shared tab) changes the category of the transaction in the shared tab, then the category of the transaction only changes for that user.

If the above was implemented, then when a user settled a shared tab, the categories of the settling up payment could be automatically split amongst the relevant categories (and could be further edited if the user is on a paid tier).

Please just immediately fix the issue where payments back come back as General, it’s been like this for about 3 or 4 years.

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