Refunds/incoming transactions in Shared Tabs

My flat puts shared tabs to great use: we put all our bills through it and share them evenly with different people paying different accounts and people repaying in bulk when they have the time/cash - all of this great.

Today, I got refunded for an overpayment on a bill, and tried to share this refund with the flat. Monzo however doesn’t let you add positive transactions to shared tabs, only negative ones. There is no option to add it to a shared tab, or split it like a bill.

Before anyone asks, I tried to add a custom bill, but this didn't work either.

I thought that if I could reverse engineer a payment where it seemed like my flatmates had overpaid monzo would understand it as I now owed them money. After some trial and error, it seems that no matter what you enter as the bill amount and how you split it, monzo always assumes you have paid 100% of the bill and now need paying for it. And no, it doesn’t let you put in negative amounts.

Even if this had worked, this is a stupid solution and shouldn’t be the way to do it, but it would be a good stop gap.

So the short term solution is to just manually pay each flatmate a share of the refund individually - which defeats the point of shared tabs / split bills in the first place.

tl;dr - Monzo handles refunds differently to bills, and so you can’t add them to shared tabs (or split bills).

Feature requests:

  1. Add positive transactions to shared tabs, so you can refund overpayments directly in the tab
  2. Split positive transactions, as if they were any normal transaction, except you are now paying other people money.
  3. Finer control of custom bills in shared tabs, so you can create overpayment refunds manually. This could be hidden behind some advanced options menu but would still be useful occasionally.

Think this a great idea and very useful :+1:

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Yes! So annoying that I can’t do credits on my house bills

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