[Help] Unable to have a phone monthly contract in uk

Hello all,
I’m french and I’m living and working in UK since 4 months with a full time job as a chef and I plan to stay here for a while.
I wanted to change my phone and get an uk number but I can’t because I have no credit record history.
Only option seems a pay as you go contract because I’m not in UK since 3 years and I have no credit record history…
Is it a joke?! What can I do?
Any help or more explanations will be much appreciated.

You don’t need a contract or credit check. You can use a sim-only pay monthly plan from most providers e.g. VOXI, EE, Smarty etc

There are loads of options for pay as you go. It’s not always more expensive. You just need to do a little research. EE , Three etc



In my experience it is always cheaper.

Depends. Sometimes you can get some good deals on pay monthly. Like I pay £12 per month at the moment and get 12 Gb data, unlimited texts and calls, plus I can use my minutes abroad ( including the US). I think that’s a pretty good deal. Sometimes it’s wise to wait until Black Friday , because you can snap some good sim only deals :smiley:

Get on the electoral register asap and hopefully it will be much smoother sailing.

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Thanks guys for all the answers.
I know that I can by a pay as you go.
Sim only monthly on ee wasn’t possible…
But I wanted a contract to pay monthly a new phone… So my only option is to pay the phone full price? It’s very annoying honestly.
By the way, yes I just registered to electoral election… Hope it helps but when can I retry a new subscription then.
Problem is I need a phone urgently.
I can buy a new one in France but it’s annoying too…

There’s also zevvle if you’re not a great data user which is contractless and piggy backing EE:

https://zevvle.com/ (non referral link)

https://zevvle.com/signup?rid=C84EB4 (referral link)

(You’d need to buy your phone though :slightly_frowning_face:)

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Hey Nick - Years ago I worked in phone retail, and the requirement was that the person had been resident for 3 years in the country before we would accept them.

Often, the customer would ask for a credit check regardless, but it would almost always decline anyway. This could be bypassed if there is someone you trust who would be willing to take the contract in their name, and you may find that the network will allow the actual bank details that are billed to differ - Not actually sure on the legality of this or otherwise, but I have seen it happen.

My partner moved here from Holland, and it did take 3 years or so of her being here before she would get accepted in her own name, so I’m afraid that from personal experience, you getting a phone contract is unlikely.

I wonder if you might get accepted for a relatively low balance credit card that might allow you to get a phone this way. As long as you made all the repayments on time, then you may not get charged an extortionate interest rate.

Hey Simon,
Thanks a lot for the explanations.
Yeah that’s what all the retailers told me.
I already registered to electoral roll. Maybe it will help.
For credit, I will see. Don’t want it honestly.
Gonna wait and create a pot on monzo for a new phone then :joy:
Gonna check again Thursday with three network.
Will let you know
Thanks again


Buying a phone on contract is a form of credit.

Haha sure !
I meant don’t want a credit with a bank…Don’t like classic bank. That-s why, i’m on monzo.
Moreover i have still a french account in a french bank and i don’t want one bank more…

Yeah fair enough. What sort of phone are you looking for? Can you buy one second hand or an older model to Reduce the upfront cost?

I’m not a geek BUT when i buy a phone, i usually take a flagship because i keep it usually 2 years or 2 years and an half, and i use almost only my phone for everything…
So i’m planning to buy an expensive one…(note 10 plus or galaxy10+ or eventually the one plus 7 pro …)
So, i would prefer to pay it monthly but if i have no choice, i will wait a bit and pay it cash never mind…