Switch to enable / disable payments online

(Richard) #1

Would it be possible to add an online transaction switch, to enable/disable transactions online (similar to what N26 have shown on their site)?

Part of the reason i’m asking for this is, i’ve had 2 attempted transactions happen around midnight the past 2 nights. Both websites based in Italy (i’m assuming they are paypal style sites).

Should note, that first transaction failed due to the value they tried to take (£800+), second transaction failed due to me freezing the card after the first attempt. Obviously freezing the card is a great feature, but I view it as a last resort to the card being lost or skimmed (in my case).

(robert) #2

Have you contacted support as they probably have a myriad of tools that might help

(Richard) #3

I haven’t contacted support as the advice (which is probably the correct advice) is to order a new card. But I will do as I would like some more info (if it’s possible)

The reason why I’m asking for the switch is that, whilst the ability to freeze the card is great, it should be seen as a last resort. If this was my only card (and i’ve been in this position with my main bank) I’d have no way to spend cash until my new card arrives (given Monzo don’t have branches and no ability to walk in and ask to withdraw from account with proof of ID)

But I think a middle ground is needed, if you could disable the offending method (in this case, they’re online) and then request a new card without cutting off the ability to spend cash via contacless and magstripe

(Brenda Wong) #4

Hi Richard! You’re right, our usual advice is to order a new card. Beyond that, this is a good idea. Not sure if this is something we can implement yet, but we really appreciate all of your thoughts about how we can improve our security by having features you can toggle on/off.

By the way, let us know any time if you need a replacement card. If you use the in-app chat (Help > scroll down > Chat with us) we’ll sort you out in a jiffy. :+1:

(Richard) #5

Thanks Brenda, chatting to support now and they’re also blocking the card from your end :grin:

(Brenda Wong) #6

Excellent news! :raised_hands:

(Oli) #7

I would have thought you’d be best freezing your card, requesting a new one, and then if you need to use it in the meantime: momentarily unfreeze, make a purchase, and freeze again. The chances of said fraudster attempting a transaction in the ~1min window it takes you to buy your lunch is pretty slim.

Not 100% sure if this is technically possible with the freeze functionality once a new card has been ordered though.

(Richard) #8

There is that. But could be a nuisance, having to keep going in/out of the app to unfreeze/refreeze then what happens if you get distracted.

At least with a switch, you have options :grinning: