Blocking your Monzo card and ordering a new one stops all payments


Pretty shocked to find out today that after losing my card and ordering a new one all payments from my account are blocked until I get a new card.

Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Monzo to Monzo Payments, BACS, the full works. I’m effectively locked out of my money.

Why is this the case? Sure, block the payments connected to the old card, not everything in my account!


If you freeze your card, just card payments should be blocked. Direct Debits etc should all still get paid.

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According to the COps person I’m talking to now, my card is blocked. Different to Frozen (a block is something only they can undo). Everything is blocked.

Not good. Never heard of everything being blocked.

This is a slight internal misconception that I’m working to clear up in the team.

Direct Debits and Standing Orders will continue to go out as set up and if you have Touch ID or Face ID set up on iOS, you can continue to make outbound Faster Payments using those authentication methods.

However, in the case of a fully blocked card, your PIN will also currently be blocked, meaning that you won’t be able to use your PIN in the app.

It’s something that we’re hoping to make much better this year. :pray:


If you don’t have your card you will have to have all card payments blocked, tough luck :man_shrugging:. Banking stuff shouldn’t be affected though so direct debits and standing orders should be fine?

Eek, that’s even worse than the blocking android pay as well as the physical card when it is frozen :confounded: . Glad to hear there’s work being done to make it more granular though - any chance we’ll get this sort of control for AndroidPay vs physical card freezing as well?

So, to get around this they’ve changed my card from blocked to Frozen, so now I can get access to my money. I’m still not very clear on what gets blocked and what doesn’t though.

Are you suggesting a blocked card should still allow for faster payments if you have Touch ID enabled, as blocking the card disabled Touch ID from the App and for payments.

None of this very clear at all, where is the section in the help part of the app that clearly explains what happens? Even the COps agent was struggling to make heads nor tails.

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