Help section feedback

Hi everyone :wave:,

we’re overhauling the Help section and would love your help.

Would you be able to share:

  1. General reasons you’ve gone to the Help section in the past?
  2. The purpose of the last occasion you went there?
  3. Did you find what you were looking for?
  4. What’s the one thing we could do to improve it as it currently is?
  5. Is there anything more (new) you’d like to see within it?

Thanks for your input, I can’t wait to hear your views :smile:


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For me the biggest issue is the pop up that asks whether a query is urgent when trying to open the chat; very annoying when your intention is to get back to an existing conversation rather than open a new one.


I really don’t see the point in Trending Topics. I also dislike how when I click to chat with someone I have that annoying pop-up! The responses are generally fast now anyway, regardless of what option you pick.

On that note, here are the answers to those questions:

  1. As a “power user”, I don’t really visit it often to find out the general knowledge. The only time I visit it is to report an issue via live chat.

  2. I reported an issue with Pulse on the iPhone.

3 and 4 aren’t really relevant as I don’t use it for help.

  1. Have options to report a bug. That’s really the only reason I chat with support. I feel it would save a COps a lot of queries if this was the case. If they do need to follow up to get more information, that’s cool too!

Thanks Danny – I’m having a look there as well as getting feedback here :+1:

Hi Andre,

thanks for sharing. Returning to an existing conversation is something we were talking about today. How often has that happened for you?

@richmccartney @bruno

Maybe just before you start a chat it asks you to search the help section first, To see if your question has already been answered. If not you can then go through to chat.

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Thanks for sharing, Josh. Great points, especially the one about responses being roughly the same time-wise.

Out of curiosity, what for you would be the cutoff in response time between what is urgent and non-urgent?

1.I tend to check the forum rather than the help section, but I’d say I’m more of a power user than the averge Joe.

2.Just to see what was in there really.

3.See above answer.

4.Same points as @joshpriceonline regarding this, accessing previous chats / not much difference in reponce times, I’d say within 15/20 mins is urgent.

5.Maybe just before you start a chat it asks you to search the help section first, To see if your question has already been answered. If not you can then go through to chat. Obviously this would need to be a slick process not clunky.

What I meant was i always look on here if I ever need t know anything or go straight to the chat.

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Urgent I would say under 5 minutes. If I call Barclays right now it takes around 3 minutes to actually talk with someone. So around that time.

For non-urgent stuff, I wouldn’t mind waiting 6+ hours for a response. It’s not mission critical that I get a response to updating a merchants logo or reporting a bug.

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Very often for me as customer service is one of the key selling points I show when demonstrating Monzo, so I would love to be able to skip this step.

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Also, not sure if this helps but I almost never go back to the same chat. I always make a new one. The status of “away” deters me from going back on that chat even though I know it gets picked up by another customer operations member.

Not sure there’s much you can do about that since it’s an Intercom feature.

I usually ask on forums/ Slack if I have a query. I can’t remember it offhand, but I think it may have been to do with the overdraft when I checked FAQ (which I ended up getting an answer on Slack anyway). I don’t like asking on help unless it’s a very specific situation or problem with a transaction, since I’d rather staff help someone else who needs it more than I do.

I last spoke to COps to try to bargain my way into getting a nicer username :joy: didn’t succeed, but she was very nice about it. I don’t really see any difference between marking it as not urgent vs urgent since the response times are roughly the same before this feature was introduced and after. Most of the time I get a response within 30mins.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before but I really like how the help section categories have huge emojis on which really helps draw my focus to each category. I zone out when scrolling through a wall of text, and I generally don’t use the search bar.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree this can be be annoying if you always have to choose whether or not your question is urgent. The pop up alert is triggered by the backend and we have not be using it recently (partly because response times have been low for everyone) and because it’s an experience we want to improve in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions @Jackcrwhitney!

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Thanks @Jackcrwhitney! Great points on the response times being similar at the moment. I’m curious about when you use the forum to find answers, do you use you start in the help screen at all? There are links to the community forum in the help screen and would love to know if you find them useful.

Generally I go direct to as I found the forum before I joined.
I have looked in the help section of the app for minor details but nothing that I didn’t know already, more so to confirm.