Support and community

(Hugo Cornejo) #1

Hi all, let us share with you just a small improvement that we’re working on.

The idea is to integrate both customer support and the community forum (this website!) into just one single screen.

This is the kind of improvement that, even though it’s not as sexy as other features (I look at you P2P payments) we think it will improve and simplify the way we communicate with all of you :slightly_smiling:

What do you think? Does it make sense?


Integration of Forums into the Mondo App
(James Billingham) #2

Looks to me like something which would benefit most users a fair bit.

Few questions:

  • Will we still be able to access the community area through the web? Personally I think I’d prefer to continue using it here.
  • Will the support area still work with separated threads/tickets? I like how that works in the current app - keeps support interactions tidier and makes it easier for me to look at past interactions.
  • The nav bar of the right two screens looks like a modal, but the left screen shows a tab bar - I assume this isn’t exactly how you’re planning on building it? (Tab bars don’t usually cause modals)
  • I assume no additional login would be required for the community tab - it’d SSO from the app right?

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Very good questions, thanks!

Totally, in fact you can spot at the bottom there’s a button to share the URL and another to open in Safari.

That’s part of the work we need to do. We quite like the idea of having a single conversation thread, think about it as a chat with Mondo that will always keep your previous conversations. In the example you can see two different conversations with 2 weeks in between. The team member could be different in each conversation, of course.

Yeah, we’re slightly bending the pattern there, for a good reason. The reason to make it modal is that we avoid the need to dismiss the keyboard in order to get back to the main navigation. This way you just need to tap “Close”. It works nicely with the Safari view too because we want to keep the browser buttons on the bottom to not mess with the app navigation.

We follow the same pattern to send money on P2P Payments.

Not sure we’ll have that from the beginning. It’s obviously what we want (nobody likes to manually log in) but I’m not sure how easy to build would that be.

As you know because of the nature of the Alpha we’re making workarounds and compromises here and there in order to iterate very fast (we’re currently sending the invites manually, etc.). So, I don’t think it’s that terrible if the first version doesn’t have SSO, right? But it’s on our list, I promise :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #4

All sounds well reasoned. :slight_smile:

The main reason I prefer threads is to make it easier to find past conversations longer term. For example, if I’ve had 20 conversations over 3-4 years, it would become very cumbersome to find important details from conversations a while ago.

A search bar might alleviate this issue more effectively though.

(Alexander Baxevanis) #5

I like this and I think it’s a good way to generate more discussions in the community if people can do this in parallel with using the app.

(Terry) #6

I would prefer just 1 big thread, with a search of course.

Talking about support, will Mondo have a guaranteed response time or we will reply back within 2 hours or something?

(Jonathan Jensen) #7

Excellent idea to combine in the app. Follows the strategy of making everything Mondo app accessible. If it needs password sign in please integrate with 1Password!

(Tristan Thomas) #8

Hey @terryharman, good question! We haven’t fully decided yet but it would be great to show you how long you can expect to wait for a reply (live updated) for example :slight_smile: