Help packaging Monzo cards needed!

Hey all,

As you may have seen the past few weeks has been busy with cards! I’m looking for some extra hands to help out packaging cards over the next two days (tomorrow and Friday) in the Monzo office while we unlock the remainder of the prepaid waiting list.

This is the final push for our prepaid programme so it would be great to get some of the community involved!

This would run from 9am to 5pm and you be paid £80 for each day you helped.

If you’d be interested in this please drop me a message on here and I’ll be in touch.



Hey! I’d be up to helping out.:grin:

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I was off Monday and yesterday - I sadly have to work this week :joy:

Do you support paying into a new bank called “Monzo”?

Sort code 04-00-04? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


if it was after work hours (4pm), i would have gladly helped

If you were in W. Yorks I’d jump at the chance

Hi, I can help out all day tomorrow and Friday :slight_smile:


I’m interested :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the great response all! We’ve got 7 people tomorrow and 10 people the next day so far - that will help so much with this. And you can meet the team who normally sends out your cards :stuck_out_tongue:


I assume these people will be under some kind of contract, given they’ll be in contact with the card numbers, CVCs, etc.?

Pre-activation and not connected to any specific customer sure, but still under PCI scope.


If it was a little bit of a later start I would have come down on the coach from Yorkshire to help. Could have done with the cash too :weary:

Wish I had seen this yesterday, would have came today. Will be working tomorrow :frowning:

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I’m free from 6pm if that’s not too late and you still need help - let me know!

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