Help in the app not working at all

Hi Guys im new in here but struggling with my monzo app where help function does not work at all
Whatever im trying to find it tells me I dont have internet connection
Its impossible to chat search etc
Any Ideas please?

Any VPNs running :thinking: if so turn them off just to check, failing that uninstall the app and reinstall again. That normally irons a few errors out.


No vpn running. I just uninstalled and installed the app. Nothing has changed.
Also I didnt get the answer why my payment was declined please.

For that you need to get hold of monzo via chat, try ringing them if you can’t access help

Just to be clear. Nobody who has commented works for Monzo and you will not get support from Monzo on here.

Call, email or preferably use in app chat if you can :slight_smile:


Hey @Sylv78 :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with the Help section.

If you’re trying to speak to us you can head to the Help section on the bottom panel of the app and then in the following Search bar you can search the term “Contacting Support”. This will bring up an article which will include a link to chat to us :+1:

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No I cant this is the main its not workjng in my app af all cant type help canf type anythinv my help does not work so since its a week and nothinv been sorted I have to leave

No vpn uninstalled and installed norhing helps

No I cant this is the problem Im reffering to. Its mot working on my app

Android? Have you given the app permission to have internet access?

Is this on WiFi?
Have you tried with the WiFi turned off so you’re using 4G or vice versa.

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