Help icon

The help icon seems to have changed on iOS test flight.

I’m not a fan.

I actually agree, but I don’t really know why.

Maybe it’s not as balanced as it was before? The last icon was a chunky icon like the Home button and this one feels a bit skinny and out of place.

Just doesn’t feel quite right.


Changed on :android: too.

Not a bad shout; “I have a question about…” - tap on the :grey_question: and immediately be presented with a friendly help flow.

Fits in with the app well IMO

I think the issue is all three icons are different.

You’ve got the chunky bold house
The sharp straight line arrows
And the curved ?

They seem like they’ve been picked from three different icon packs.


I really think this is the issue for me. I’m indifferent about the actual icons used (providing the icons actually make sense!) as long as they are all consistent in style.

Make all of them chunky, or make all of them skinny. It feels a little out of place right now though.


For anyone who can’t see the before

The new ? feels like a “huh there’s a missing icon here, who accidentally deleted it?”, rather than representative of support and chat.