New help page [TestFlight Build]


Love the new help screen in the latest TestFlight but I noticed in the FAQs that there were URLs and information telling users how to navigate to a particular part of the app to check limits for example. It would be nice if I could click on these and it opens safari with the URL or takes me to the limits page in the app.


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Hey Terry,

Which links? I’ll fix them now :slight_smile: (Done the limits one)

I think that was the only one that links to a website :slight_smile:

Just the in app links now would be nice :slight_smile: I can see they are in bold but when you click on them they don’t do anything. Not sure if its a bug or if the feature isn’t implemented haha :slight_smile:

It’s great that “Chat with customer support” now goes to previous chats, rather than opening a new chat by default.


Great spot :eyes: release of the year :tada: