Help articles for Shared Tabs

I’ve just searched for “Shared Tabs” in Help, and nothing relevant was surfaced.

Seems a big oversight if there are no help articles for Shared Tabs.

If there are some well hidden articles, it’s still an issue that they’re not surfaced via a search for Shared tabs.


What “help” would you be seeking to find answer to?

For example….

  • Is there a way to add people to shared tabs who aren’t Monzo users, like with splitting a bill?
  • Can you add expenses that were not paid using Monzo?
  • Can you add refunds or other income, including those not received on Monzo?
  • Can you split expenses based on percentage split?
  • What happens to Shared expenses if someone leaves a Shared tab before they have settled up?

I know the answer to most of these questions, but I think they are questions that someone might have in deciding whether or not to use Shared tabs, or when getting started. They aren’t answered by the promotional web page or promotional in-app page.

Instructional help articles on shared tabs would give a better sense of functionality. It seems an odd aspect of the app to omit from the help documentation, especially since Shared tabs is not a common aspect of bank accounts.

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Seem like fair questions to ask imo :+1:

I don’t use Shared Tabs personally.

@AlanDoe, do you know if there are FAQs hidden somewhere on this feature please?