Splitting expenses

As some of my sailing friends don’t have Monzo ( I am trying to convert them. When we go sailing in my boat, is there a split expenses app that works or is recommended by Monzo or Monzo users … I usually pay for most things and they occasionally pay for some expenses… at the end we usually work out and divi out… be good if Monzo could suggest an app that I can link to my Monzo card and can share with the others … I hope you understand my ramblings…

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Doesn’t split the bill or shared tabs in the Monzo account do what you need?



Thanks, I was under the impression that you just ask for the split bill after each transaction, plus if a none Monzo person pays for something how do you work this in… :man_shrugging:

Thanks Alex I will have a shufty…

That is the case for split bills, but shared tabs I think keeps a running total until you request payment, and allows a payment to be allocated to a non monzo user.

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I don’t think Shared Tabs allow this.

You can add non-Monzo payments, but I don’t think you can at a full non-Monzo person.

Had a quick look at

Right now you can only add payments you’ve made through Monzo to a Shared Tab, but we’ll let you add non-Monzo payments in the next release!

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Exactly - you can add non-Monzo payments manually, but you can’t add a non-Monzo user.

That’s the exact opposite of the way I understand that paragraph…

As far as payments go anyway.

I don’t see any mention of non-monzo users in the article and haven’t tried tabs myself, but had just assumed it would allow non-monzo users just as bill splitting does.

The “next release” after that blog post contained the ability to manually add non-Monzo payments (ie: payments made by one of the people already in the tab to a Shared Tab such as credit card or cash payments), but not the option to add a separate non-Monzo person to the Tab.

Basically, everyone you want to split with in a Shared Tab needs to have Monzo and I haven’t seen anything to suggest that that will change anytime soon.


I do think I actually quoted something unhelpful, oops.

Because bill splitting does, IIRC, then I assume shared tabs will do soon as well, but :woman_shrugging:


Fair enough :slightly_smiling_face: I should probably have checked the date on the blog post :smiley:

And it seems my assumption for non-monzo users was incorrect :+1:

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The Splitwise app is your best bet. Me and my partner use it loads. It’d be a great feature for
Monzo to add for people who jointly use Monzo!

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Cheers thanks… yeah have downloaded it and will try it out on my first trip…