HDCP - Help?

Can’t find much info reg. my new 4K TV and HDCP 2.2 ( Im getting SkyQ UHD and it must be HDCP 2.2 compatible. ) Bought the TV 3 months ago

I currently have an Xbox ONE S, Sky Q HD box and a Firestick all work fine.

I checked on richer sounds reg. HDCP and it says " 3_HDCP2_2_3 "
Which im guessing means 3 x HDCP 2.2 slots ?

here it says 2.2 however that model says 65U6863 but mine is a 65U6863DB

It’s Toshiba TV and want to know if it likely is HDCP 2.2 Compliant

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If it’s only 3 months old it should be fully compliant


Thanks dude.

Called up Toshiba for good measure and it does do 2.2 :smiley:

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Scart > 4K