(Jack) #1

I went on a walk today with a friend. Although the walk was good, what it did for my hayfever wasn’t. :sneezing_face:
My nose has been running like a river non stop and It feels like I’ve sneezed more today than ever. This made me wonder…:face_with_monocle:

Does anyone here suffer? :disappointed:
What do you do to reduce any symptoms?

Someone recommended showering right before bed to get any pollen off the skin and out your hair. This seems to work quite well if you’re struggling to sleep with it.

Thanks in advance!

(Only available in amateur ) #2

Urgh, this year’s really bad, tablets aren’t helping much.

Shower to remove pollen, don’t dry clothes on the line as the pollen ends up on them (unless there’s a good breeze) and apparently a bit of Vaseline under your nostrils helps as it traps the pollen. Haven’t tried that one but some people swear it works

(Simon B) #3

Yep, this year is really bad. Most years, I only mildly get it, so if I get it badly, then the pollen count has to be pretty high. Allergy tablets, lots of showers, and change the pillowcases and sheets every few days.

(Jack) #4

It’s something that’s developed for me over the past few years.

A mistake I often make is only taking allergy tablets when it’s a high count. I should probably take one each day of the grass pollen season regardless.

@Rat_au_van I never thought about hanging clothes out to wash. That’s something I’ll bare in mind.
I tend to only get effected when it’s relatively high like you @simonb but as you both say this years been a strong one!

Someone suggested nasal spays. Has anyone had any good results with those?
I’ve tried Vaseline once, didn’t find it that useful but I’ll give it another shot. :nose:

(Only available in amateur ) #5

Haven’t tried the spray due to the cost. It’s £8 for the one I saw in boots compared to £1 for Asda tablets :grin:

(Ashley) #6

My acupuncturist has suggested also washing your hair before you go to bed.


I’ve never had hay fever but I’ve worked with a lot of adults and children who have and the nasal spray always comes out on top, for working quickly and consistently, from their comments.

(Simmy) #8

I rarely get it, however when the warm weather came last month i had it really bad for one day then it stopped.

Vaseline/Vicks under the nose and or anti-histamines work.,

(Ian Lyon) #9

I’ve been absolutely ruined by hayfever this year.

I’m seriously considering getting the Kenalog injection because I’ve heard a lot of good things!

(Jack) #10

I haven’t heard of this. Something to read about :eyes:

(Jack) #11

Interesting thanks, I l’ll try and pick some up today. Always worth a try when you’re having a bad day.


Wonder if anyone has mistakenly asked for a Kellogs injection instead of Kenalog?

Would be funny if someone whipped out a syringe full of coco pops!

(Jai Sullivan) #13

I pretty much die every year now — never suffered until I was 18/19.

  • Shower before bed
  • Try not to dry clothes outside (easier said than done sometimes)
  • Keep windows shut
  • Antihistamine when you wake up and go to sleep (should start taking early on in the season)
  • Eye drops & nasal spray throughout the day
  • Small bit of vaseline under your nose
  • Try and wear sunglasses whenever outside
  • Red light nose therapy thing you can get from pharmacies.
  • A good fan with HEPA filter (such as a Dyson purifier) for your bedroom.

(David Griffiths) #14

I have been a long time sufferer, and this year I seem to to be coping much better (even though the pollen is VERY high).
Here is what I am doing:

  • Shower when i get in from being outside with pollen
  • Presecription tablet (Fexafenodine Hydrochloride) 1 a day (started BEFORE symptoms start in March and keep going to build up immunity)
  • Beconase nasal spray 2-3 times a day
  • Wrap around sunglasses
  • Eye spray

(Allie) #15

Cetirizine works well for me

(Adam Williams) #16

Cetirizine Hydrochloride. If it’s particularly bad I’ll take more than 1, though I’m sure this probably isn’t a brilliant idea…

I ought to try the eye spray stuff at some point.

(Mark Woosey) #17

That red light thing looks bonkers.

I rotate between centirizine hydrochloride and loratidine. Not sure if rotating makes them more or less effective, mind.

Otherwise regular showers and embracing death are my primary techniques.

I used to take nasal sprays and eye drops, but I’ve been less proactive on these fronts in recent years.

(Chris Rimell) #18

I’ve had hayfever since I was kid. It blows (pun intended) :sneezing_face:

I’ve got better management of it these days. I take daily cetirizine (cheap generics) same I do think the timing of taking a dose helps - I now take when I go to bed rather than when I wake up.

I also use Mometasone nasal spray (prescription) as it treats inflammation rather than allergy. I never had any luck with any other nasal spray, but this works, taken before bed. Gives a bit of a sore throat as you drift off mind, if you manage to get it down you throat.

The other thing I do is take ibuprofen if my nose does get too congested and sneezy which at least easies off some of the symptoms.

Using local honey is meant to be good for getting you better accustomed to the local pollens but I’ve not had much luck.

I did try cutting diary for a year and moved to goats milk. I would say this had a placebo effect but definitely for some of that time I was less sniffly… But my regime now has produced better, lasting results

(Jai Sullivan) #19

:joy: I know how you feel!

Didn’t seem to work for me either!

(Hugh Wells) #20

Ugh, I feel the pain :sob::sneezing_face:

I take loratidine when I haven’t lost the tablets… It always flares up on my commute around Twickenham so I assume they have some nice gardens around there :joy: