Having a Monzo Acc. just for travel

Hi there,

I’m investigating Monzo for an upcoming trip for 2 weeks to Mexico for work. Would there be a downside / is there anything preventing me from keeping my Santander Account active and opening a Monzo account just to use when I’m travelling to avoid charges? I also recently moved to Denmark from the UK to study and was going to open an account with Danske Bank but I’m wondering if it would be a bit stupid to have 3 bank accounts open if I do open a Monzo account?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Opening lots of accounts in a short period can have an impact on your credit score. Other than that, I see no issues in what you’ve described :slight_smile:

There is a Monzo in Mexico topic here that may be worth a read:

The 3 accounts be an issue as such.

Whether you open an account with Danske is up to you, would you get any benefits from a Danske account ?

Can you open a Monzo account id your living in Denmark ?
What about a Starling account ? Again I’ve no idea if your able to open 1 if your living in Denmark.

Opening a Danske Bank account in Denmark isn’t going to be an issue or make any difference to you here. If you’re living there you’ll need a local bank account. Opening one in the UK is probably unnecessary and of no benefit. Monzo will of course be of benefit but to use it solely for travelling it’s not the best deal out there as you’re charged 3% on all withdrawals after you’ve withdrawn £200 in a month.

I hope not. I’ve got four!

My advice is get a Starling account instead.

That’s £300 a day limit, rather Monzos £200 a month limit.


I do wonder about this sometimes as I have more than I need for sure. I’ve got NatWest, RBS, Barclays, HSBC, Monzo, Starling. Some of them are definitely unnecessary and not needed at all.

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Quite a few people on here seem to have several, comes with the territory of being interested in fintech and/or banking.

I closed my Lloyds account, but currently have Monzo, Starling, Dozens and I’m on the waiting list for Bó. :grimacing:

Looks like Bo is NatWest/RBS? I wish they would put the same effort into their own app. :roll_eyes:

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It is indeed. There’s a thread about it here!

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Pretty tempted by Bó, if only to carry a VISA.


That is exactly why I signed up. All my other cards are MasterCard so would be nice to have a Visa in the mix.