Moving abroad (Spain)

Hi everybody
I will possibly move to Spain to live there within the next 3 to 6 months.

Does Monzo offer the possibility to create an account from Spain?

I have been with Monzo for years (I am a beta user and crowdfunding investor), it would be sad to leave the bank and the community.


Why not just keep your current Monzo account? It’ll work just fine in Spain.

Mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. I need a Spanish account to get paid by the new company.
  2. Withdraw from abroad are free up to £200 every 30 days. There’s a 3% charge on withdrawals after that (in London I am used to pay almost everything via card, but in Spain I will need to have cash with me for small payments).

Legally I am not actually sure how long I can keep a Monzo account if I am not resident in UK anymore.

You can keep it for as long as you like. You’ll be better off with a Spanish account, though.

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My idea was to keep the UK Monzo account as long as I can, BUT if I can create a second Monzo account in Euros from Spain… that would be the best solution from my perspective.

If there is no option to create a Monzo account in Euros from Spain, I will have to create an account with a Spanish bank when I will be there.

Unfortunately that option doesn’t exist yet and I think it’ll be a while off.

You can keep your monzo account open if you have a UK address you can use

Maybe N26 could be an option? I think their Euro accounts are a lot more advanced than their UK one


Monzo is only available in GBP in the UK and USD in the USA. There is currently no EUR account in the rest of the EU.

Because a Spanish account is needed to setup some services. Want broadband with Movistar? You need a Spanish bank account (not a Euro account with an IBAN, one from an actual Spanish bank). So even if Monzo had IBAN it would still be no good.

I live between the UK and Spain with homes in both. I use a Spanish bank (Caixa, which I recommend) and Bunq as my ‘spending’ card.


This might have been the case previously but now is in breach of EU regulations so will likely have changed.

OP is describing the perfect use case for Revolut. It has a full Euro account built into it including euro direct debit which is what you need for all of these services.

It is in breach, and no it hasn’t changed.

Trust me, life is MUCH easier with a Spanish bank in reserve.

OK, so from what others are saying.

  1. Get a Spanish Bank Account for salary and any Spain specific service payments/subscriptions.
  2. Keep Monzo and use it as your ‘cash’ account.

I recommend you this one, no fees, most spanish banks charge you for some services if you don’t pay in your salary, bills etc

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Thanks everybody

It looks like the best way to go is to open a Spanish bank account, my basic requirements would be:

  • Receive any transaction notification on my mobile
  • Ability to create a joint account
  • Ability to add the card on Google Pay

I already have Revolut account, but because of how the company is treating the people working with them, I have decided to shut it down.

I think I will keep Monzo account as long as I will be able to.