Have you stolen my identity?

It has been more than 4 days now since I submitted an application. Nothing.

I have handed over personal information against my better judgement.

Can I please have my identity back.


Seriously what is it with these threads, do people not read anything before a) they join up and b) post on here?


So you downloaded the app, got to the front of the queue, did the passport photo and embarrassing video and they said they’ll send you the card for your new bank account?

If not what part of the process did you last do?

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You are likely on the waitlist. Either that, or I have read people getting stuck in the queue due to a bug, in which Monzo COps (@simonb, @HughWells, @BethS) should be able to help you out. Monzo is a Bank with a license from the Bank of England, just like any other bank.

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Hi Abdi - really sorry about this. I have escalated the issue to one of our specialists who ought to be able to fix this within 24 hours. They will be in touch :grinning: