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Hello I made a account with [mods:removed personal details] and it said I have to wait two weeks for my account can you help thanks

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you maybe want to remove your email from the public forum and have a look at the golden tickets thread :slight_smile:

(Only available in amateur ) #3

Remove your email ASAP

Look at the golden tickets thread, it’ll bump you if you find an unused one at the end

Edit: sorry Ian, I didn’t see you sneak up on me

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snap :slight_smile:


I’ve messaged you a Golden Ticket, please use it to skip the queue!

(Richard Cook) #6

Hi @Kitamehmi, I’ve removed your email address from the post. It looks like @Chapuys has kindly offered you a Golden Ticket - I hope that gets you up and running!

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

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