Have been sent two Mondo cards

I have accidentally been sent two Mondo cards. There was a brief pop up in the app the tell me I could potentially assign the other one to someone else? But i haven’t been able to replay the message that came up? Is there anything I can do with this non usable second one for now?


just like hens teeth - I had this happen to me - I gave it to a friend who is now using it

Ah great thanks, how did they set it up? just download the app?

Hey Rek,

Yeah, feel free to give it to a friend! We had a day where everyone got two cards accidentally :stuck_out_tongue: Once your friend has downloaded the app and signed up to the waiting list, they can swipe across the screen with 3 fingers and enter the details of the card you give them.


Amazing. Cheers for the impressively quick reply!

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It’ll either be 2 minutes or 2 days :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it the same shortcut for android/ios?

I believe you have to first set up your card on an iPhone before you can use it on android.