Been sent 2 cards!

I’ve received 2 cards in the post today. Different 16-digit card numbers and different expiry dates. I’ve enabled one card against my Monzo app, but I cannot use the user.

My wife is still waiting on her card but here I am with 2!

So your wife’s had the notification that her card’s been dispatched & you’ve just received yours & a spare? :thinking:

In that case she can use that card, Monzo cards aren’t linked to your account until you complete registration. Just swipe left with 3 fingers on the queuing screen to & then you’ll be able to get set up :tada:

Then check out this post with tips for new Monzo users :slight_smile:


Ok great, we’ll get her setup now!

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Feel free to give the extra card due in the post to a friend once it arrives! :+1: