Has customer support chat within app vanished?

Has customer support chat within app vanished? I received an email from no-reply@Monzo.com and that looks like spam? So i thought i’d talk to their cust support on the app and i can’t find that option anymore! Any ideas please?

Is it definitely from Monzo? Not spoofed? What does it say?

You can search “contact” in the app and you’ll get through to chat. But it’s highly likely it’s a phishing attempt.


Emails from Monzo tend to come from @monzomail.com in my experience, so it’s probably not legit.

That said, even my Granny could spoof an email “from” address, so I always check the true source.

Does the email tell you to click anything, or just take action?

Could you do that in-app?

You’re right though, Monzo has taken away the customer service link.


Thanks… There was an click link, but i didn’t click… But the sender email made me curious…

Great your nan can lookup true source…

If Monzo wanted to get in touch with you about something important they would use the secure in app chat :slight_smile:

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looks like they have removed this…

i can’t find that in-app chat anymore…

You don’t need chat, but if you do what I said, it will work.

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Another example where removing straightforward access to the chat facility is causing confusion for customers.


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