Hard to give feedback

For a beta app, I find the process of providing feedback much too cumbersome. There are many steps involved until I finally get to this place and if you use a slow device like I do it takes much time and dedication.

Could you not provide a place directly in the app that allows me to type in feedback for the page I’m on and send it off in two taps? otherwise I can’t see myself and others like me give much more feedback in the future.

Sure you want to avoid duplication, but I imagine clever coding would be better to solve this problem than a proses that uses a only a forum.

You can chat with the in-app support team. But I would prefer sharing it on a community as that would allow discussion and opinion from a wide range of people.

Load up this forum on a website, I find it much easier to navigate than on a handheld device.

is the address I think.

Thanks for the feedback @5nitzl! This is something we want to improve in future - also making it easier to see if other people have already reported your issue (to save you time). :slightly_smiling_face:

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