User Feature Request Tracker - Reddit Style

Hi All,

Would it be possible to get a Reddit Style Community Feature Request Tracker on the forum thats stickied?

That way we could have a list of features asked for by the community that can be up and downvoted by users (maybe just upvoted so as no negativity) . Would take minimal overwatch from the coral crew to manage and give many benefits like:

  • Gives Monzo a weighted list of feature requests from the community
  • Would cut down the number of duplicated threads
  • Gives the community more direct feedback on their request ideas from a monzo perspective

At the moment there is the Trello board found below but there has been some talk recently of maybe trying to intergrate this into the community rather than a third party system…


Yes have seen this before :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I’m sure alot of people on the community dont even know this exists and it doesnt be updated too often so can be quite disheartening to see a nice feature on there with 100+ likes on trello yet hasnt been mentioned or updated in over a year.

I feel like if this list was brought to within the community it would have a whole new weight of importance and engagement. Even if all it takes is one Monzo staff member to make a point to update the thread once a month in the same way the monthly updates happen it would be a nice touch on statuses.

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True and as proof even I forgot it was there until I seen your post. There is a discussion regarding this going on here if it helps - Monzo Community Ideas Board

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This is the downside of such a suggestion.

I know that there are thoughts of having a different concept from the current Trello setup but the issue is always going to be users believing that ‘votes = chance of getting a feature’ which should never, ever be the case. Managing expectations is the big risk associated with something like this.

This is where this point comes in… a Monzo member can then update the board with Monzo’s position on this… be it sorry not going to happen or yeah we have more pressing worries at the minute but will POC it for future development when the backlog clears a bit

Honestly think a centralized place for the user bases position on certain features is a good idea instead of scattered among different threads/trello, a way of quantifying our positions on certain features and their importance to us the end users.

At the minute how do Monzo realise how much a feature is wanted? this isnt very clear.

To be clear, I’m not knocking the idea since I tend to agree with it but…

…the answer to that should always be “not from using anything connected with the forum” since we make up such a minority of the user base!

Why so? I’ve always felt like the community has a nice mix of people that would generally match the user base pretty well at current.

Would you agree that having the community’s feedback is still a better option than having no customer feedback at all though?

Certainly, but as the bank has continued to grow, I believe we’re well past the stage where we can claim to be representative with any level of assurance.

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I don’t agree with this view point. What’s even the point of the community forum if Monzo don’t use it to see what people want?

Of course they should also be doing proper customer research, which is also involves a minority of their user base, and I’m not suggesting Monzo exclusively build features suggested by the community, but the community, twitter and Facebook are the best (and definitely cheapest) way that Monzo can see what things people want. Just look at Monzo changing their tune about joint accounts and payee management as proof listening to (a subset) of their user base works.

Sorry you think my opinion is ridiculous. I’m not going to bother to even read yours. have a great day. :expressionless:

Sorry for saying that. I’ve amended my post.

The problem with the forum is it’s one big dumping ground of ideas, feedback, off-topic chat, etc. There’s no actual public tracker for bug reports or change/feature requests. The Trello is for big changes or additions, so I don’t think that’s the right place for it either.

You know what’s quite good for this? UserVoice. People submit ideas, they get voted on, and it shows Monzo how much demand there is for something and that demand is quite easy to recognise for people both in and out of the company.

I’ll admit, whenever I post a request or complaint on here, it doesn’t feel like I’m making a difference, just adding to a pile that’s largely ignored, but it’s the only way to do it without meithering the support staff in the app.

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I agree Peter hence why I’m trying to propose a solution also.

Have never heard of UserVoice but i think a voting aspect is the ticket!


For me it’s a voting aspect and a more regularly updated board - whether it’s updated by staff or the community.