Button for simple feedback in app

I wanted to make a simple feature request in app, but no such button/page exists. The entire process is painful:

  • Get on to the community forum
  • Create an account
  • Go to email to activate account
  • Choose correct forum and make requests

I’ve wanted to give simple feedback in the app before, but this has always been such a pain! So my feedback is to build a feedback / feature request form in app.

Search “contact” and give it via chat.

It’s better do it here as people will/can vote for it. More votes = more chance (but not a guarantee) that Monzo will look at it.

If you give feedback in app chat you’ll just get a generic “thanks” message.

If you do as suggested above and post it on here, it can be discussed, expanded on and you can get support in the form of votes which will get Monzos attention the right way. i.e. When they see lots of people are wanting something they’re more likely to deliver it.

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