Halifax reward current account monthly fee

Found out last night that Halifax are going to be charging a £3 monthly fee for the reward current account unless £1,500 a month is paid in.

It used to be pay in £750 a month, pay two direct debits for a £2 monthly bonus.

But they will offer a £5 monthly bonus only if there is a balance of £5,000 or spend £500 a month on the card but people can more interest elsewhere on the 5k?

I wonder how many people will switch away due to this?

I’ve only kept the account open to pay in cheques but no longer have a need as Starling now offer this feature.

I would keep the legacy going but CASS Halifax to NatWest Reward and open the Starling separately as a second bank that you transfer over monthly spend to so it’s a clean separation of income/bills/savings and monthly spend.

Who’s eligible for offer: New and existing customers switching from a non-RBS Group account, as long as you’ve not had switching cash from NatWest, RBS or Ulster Bank since October 2017

With Starling it’s still a :soon: on cheque imaging but unlike a monzo :soon: it actually means in the next week or so, not the next year or so.

Depends how big your cheques are but all limited to £500 regardless of bank.

Virgin Money/CYB B account has cheque imaging. Only reason I’m keeping it open.

Is cheque imaging live for you yet? I keep checking (get it?) but still not there.

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this feature. I rarely receive cheques and I have no intention of banking my cheque for £0.01 that I received when I closed a Tesco Bank savings account.

Live for me? Yes, I’ve used it a couple of times.

Do you have the option in the B app? (Virgin Money app)

If you have a Revolut account, transfer £500 to your Halifax account each month, and then top up your Revolut card with your Halifax card - and you’ll then satisfy the condition of using your card to spend £500 a month.

I was meaning the Starling app. I haven’t opened a Virgin account (yet :slight_smile:).

Cheque imaging was available when I had a BoS account but I never managed to get it to work.

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Yeah, or so… Still watching that space

Ahhh. Works on my BoS app too!

My mother had the same eletter and intends to let it just revert to a current account naturally. Rewards not achieved anyway as mom’s income is less than £750pm

No drama