Hack a Google Sheets export? Raw transaction data through the API

Hello Monzo Oracles :wave:

I’m on Android, which means that I can’t see the raw data for direct debits (you can on iPhones).

Instead, I’m trying to look it up using the API. But when I go to the developers’ playground it tells me I don’t have access to view transactions:


Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Or does @Revels have a funky way of connecting the Monzo API to Google sheets. (actually, I’m pretty sure you could do that… That could be a Christmas project…)

What do you mean by raw data? What are you wanting to achieve?

API is a bit beyond my skill set sadly but now you’ve said about connecting to Google sheets you’ve got me wondering if that could include the joint account :face_with_monocle:

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I’m wondering if we could use it to import joint and Flex accounts. I’m assuming that connected accounts aren’t exposed via the API?



Flex is in the export to some degree but it’s not great and if you use the flex card then nothing appears.


You know the unenriched data that you have for card transactions that you have at the bottom of the transaction screen? I mean the direct debit equivalent of that. It’s there on the iPhone but missing on Android.

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That doesn’t seem toooooo complex

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:eyes: Joint account auto-export coming up?

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:rotating_light: :rotating_light: @davidwalton

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:scream: Spews drink at laptop screen


I have good feelings about this.

Joint accounts? :crossed_fingers:
Fixing the Flex export :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

To be honest, I just kinda want a Flex account view…


I think it needs to reverify you if you want data more than 90 days ago, but I would think I could do <90 days from the API and >90 from the export. Flex won’t be over that for me and I only really care about DD for the joint account. 90 days will cover the recent.

I’ll try and have a look this week when I’m back “working” and at a PC.


Monzo staff silently running to the API off switch :rofl:

They have form.

side eye at the customer number endpoints

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Did you also approve the in app notification?

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I did. The other things worked :disappointed_relieved:

So I’m back playing with the API again.

Here’s an Interesting Thing I’ve learnt: I have 131 accounts with Monzo. That’s right, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE accounts.

That seems to be made up of:

type:"uk_prepaid" (closed:true)
type:"uk_retail" (closed:false)
type:"uk_monzo_flex" (closed:false)
type:"uk_monzo_flex_backing_loan" x 128

I’m presuming I’ve flexed 128 transactions and that behind the scenes there’s a loan for each one!

No connected accounts in the API (why not? Massive boo).

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Update: still can’t pull transactions in the API playground. :cry:

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