Auto-export transactions - options for services other than Google

Exporting transactions automatically is great for keeping a backup, importing into other services etc, but I’d like to see other services available by default, such as Microsoft 365 Spreadsheets/OneDrive (personal and business versions).

I’d very much love to see a way of connecting to Power Automate as well. I know I can connect PA to a spreadsheet, but a built-in Connector direct to the API would be great.

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Have you tried asking ChatGPT?

I asked it how to connect Google Sheets to the Monzo API, then how to add line item receipt information and I got detailed instructions! I just need to find some time to work through them…

Can you go from Monzo > Sheets and then to 365/One Drive?

Monzo basically ignores the export so I wouldn’t hold out much hope of them adding/improving it sadly.

Okay, so I went ahead and asked.

Good morning!

Can you help me? I’m trying to connect my Monzo account to Microsoft Excel 365 or to Power Automate.

Are either of these possible?

Here’s the response. Under a fold because it’s long!

ChatGPT said

Good morning!

Yes, you can connect your Monzo account to Microsoft Excel 365 or Power Automate using the Monzo API. The API allows you to access your account information and transaction data programmatically. To get started, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a Monzo Developer account: Sign up for a Monzo Developer account at the Monzo Developers page ( If you already have a Monzo account, you can use your existing credentials.
  2. Generate an access token: Once you have a Monzo Developer account, sign in and follow the steps to generate an access token. You’ll need this token to authenticate and access your Monzo account data through the API.
  3. Connect to the Monzo API from Excel: In Excel, you can use Power Query to connect to the Monzo API. To do this, follow these steps: a. Click the ‘Data’ tab, then ‘Get Data’, and select ‘From Other Sources’ > ‘From Web’. b. Enter the Monzo API endpoint URL (e.g., in the ‘URL’ field. c. Click ‘Advanced’, then add your access token as a header. The ‘Header Name’ should be ‘Authorization’, and the ‘Header Value’ should be ‘Bearer {your_access_token}’. d. Click ‘Connect’, and Power Query will retrieve your data. You can then manipulate it as needed in Excel.
  4. Connect to the Monzo API from Power Automate: In Power Automate, you can create a custom connector to interact with the Monzo API. Here are the general steps: a. Create a new custom connector in Power Automate (Create a custom connector from scratch | Microsoft Learn). b. Enter the Monzo API’s base URL (e.g., c. Define the actions you want to perform with the API, such as retrieving account information, transactions, etc. You’ll need to provide the API endpoint, method (GET, POST, etc.), and required parameters. d. Add the ‘Authorization’ header with your access token as described in step 3. e. Save and test your custom connector, then use it in your Power Automate flows.

Remember to review the Monzo API documentation (Monzo API Reference) to learn more about the available API endpoints and how to use them. Note that the access token you generate may have a limited lifespan, so you might need to refresh it periodically. Always keep your access token secure, as it grants access to your Monzo account data.

I replied with:

Thanks! I’m going to publish this to the Monzo Community Forum. Do you have anything you’d like to say to them?

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