Can non monzo accounts be exported to AUTO-SPREADSHEET?


Recently signed up for the new extra tier, love that you can export all monzo transactions to google sheets, is this possible for the connected accounts as well, I’d love to build a dashboard for everything, but I used chase for my daily spending for their 1% cashback, so would seem a bit pointless to exclude all my daily spending from any graphs etc.



No you can’t, the Google Sheets export is very limited.

I’d be careful. If you spend some time reading the forum you’ll see lots of enthusiasm for the feature at the beginning that’s gradually died down as Monzo have added new features over time, but not included compatibility with the Sheets export. There’s a lot of stuff not included now, to the point where in my opinion, it’s barely usable.

ah bit disappointing I guess I will cancel the monthly payment then, it was the only feature I really wanted :frowning:

Have a look here, it’s a pretty clear rundown of some of the other limitations. @Revels first posted about this in 2021 and nothing has been done.


I love the spreadsheet, because the search functionality in the app is very poor, whereas I can drill down into the sheet.

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