Groupon asked for my CVC and accepted the wrong one

I accidentally used my sole account card with my joint account CVC and the transaction proceeded without issue on groupon. Obviously groupon’s system has failed, but is it something I should report to them?

When you say processed without issue do you mean the (full value) transaction is now in your Monzo feed or that simply Groupon accepted your order but no money has left your account?

Companies can choose to accept wrong CVCs, (probably didn’t even send it to get validated as the bank would likely refuse it if they got the wrong as opposed to none)

Likely if the card was already saved in the account and used before and they ‘trusted’ it.

As long as they charged the card you wanted I wouldn’t bother.

For the American merchant I’m involved with, we can choose whether to validate the address and/or cvv2, I don’t see why it may be different elsewhere.

Nothing to worry about :+1:

The full value is now in my monzo feed.

It was a new card I hadn’t used with them before.

I would let them know, personally

If they choose not to use it, like Amazon, then it is on them, but if they had intended to use it but something went wrong then it could save someone a fraud claim or similar hassle later

Oh, interesting,

Ask in app chat if the transaction included the security code, will be quicker than asking Groupon I would guess.