Duplicate Joint account cards - which one is valid

I have raised this via the in app chat - 6 hours no reply. So asking here.
My wife and I switched our personal accounts and a joint ac to Monzo.
Both personal cards and my joint card arrived within 48 hours of starting the switch.
After a week and no joint card for my wife I used the in app chat to raise the issue and another one was sent out.
Monday a card arrived.
We activated the card.
Tuesday, another card arrives.

So now we dont know which one of the two is the most recent, and therefore the valid one.
Or doesnt it matter?
Have tried to activate card 2 over card 1 but cant do that.
If I freeze card 1 - I then get prompted to order another card (number 3)!

Can anyone give me a clue as what to do please.


Looks to me like the card which arrived on Monday was the original one, but was superseded by the card which arrived on Tuesday after you triggered an issue by contacting Monzo via in-app chat.

So go with the ‘Tuesday card’ (get rid of the ‘Monday card’) and all should be OK?

Or just keep using the one they’ve already activated

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Is the PAN the same? Could you view the card number in app to see which matches?

If joint account cards are like personal account cards, then no card is active until you activate the first one. This means if you request a replacement card before you receive even the first one, the first one isn’t blocked (can’t block a card that hasn’t been activated).

This would mean that if you received card 1 and activated it and it’s working fine, that would be the card to use. Card 2 is utterly inert and will remain so until it is ever activated.

Therefore there should be no problem disregarding the existence of card 2 and carrying on with using the activated card 1.

This exact thing happened to me with my JA last time I had a card replacement. The first card is active and the second card is irrelevant until you activate it.

I’ve had “activate card” available on my JA for over 6 months. You could keep the card and you have a handy replacement if you need it. Bear in mind that if you lose the replacement and the activated card then you won’t have a button to report your card lost and would likely have to get in touch with COps.

Thanks everybody. Now sorted.
The card that arrived first was in fact the second card that was sent out, so we did it right without even knowing!!