Group transactions together with tags or something similar

Id love to be able to see how much i spent during my last holiday, the only way i can do that now is by creating a custom category, and categories all transactions with it, which is tedious. id want to breakdown the transaction during a period of time or tagged with a tag by the categories inside of them

the two main use cases i wanted this for.

  1. planning a birthday for my daughter i had to buy lots of things with different categories ( shopping, eating out, groceries…etc) but i had to categories all under birthday

  2. I was on a work trip and i wanted group all transactions during this trip so i can expense them all

You can add tags to them already. If you create unique tag, that will do all you wish.

There are many topics for batch-editing, you can add your vote below.

Yeah you can add tags, but you cannot use tags when doing the spending breakdown on the app ( or maybe you can and i don’t know), i have an android.

You can just search #party if you’ve tagged them all.

How do you search by tag ? i don’t know how to do that

I tried this a couple of times on a few different transactions, but i the #tag never turnes into “blue” as the announcement examples mention. do i need to leave it for a few days or i have an issue in :smile: