Folder categories

Ive read before and I didn’t found idea like this…
The idea is to create a folder to move all your expenses for example: A trip

I’ll try to explain this…
In my list of expenses I have some like groceries, eating out… but I want them to appear together on a folder, to check how much I spent and where in that trip.

Now I put all of them in categorie: holiday. But for next one I can’t do the same or they’ll go together. The idea is to create a folder named “Amsterdam” for example to put that expenses, and see all categories inside

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I think you can already do what you’re describing using tags (at least to some extent):

You could add a tag to each item for that trip and when searching for that tag it would then appear.
Alternatively you could add more than one tag to each item signifying the holiday and category or any other information you wish to search / list by.

Would that fit the purpose? :slight_smile:

Example of searching / filtering by a tagged transaction of mine called “Gym” which is also under the personal care category. It shows you total spend at the bottom of the search.


Ohh thank you for discover me tags heheeh
Yes I think that this was the thing I was looking for!

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No problem, majority of people here on the forum are happy to help!