Spending Events

Quite a few times if I go out, I end up paying for transport, drinks, eating out and also splitting tabs with people. Could Monzo introduce an events section where you can link these all together for better budgeting. For example:

Night out with friends, either set start date and press finish, which captures all transactions in that time or set start and end date.

You can then see all the transactions within that time/event. Click onto them to see the breakdown and the % of actual categories. Maybe another feature is you can flex the actual event to help spread the payments and the total event spend is split over 3,6 or 12 months

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You could use tags - either during the event or afterwards.
Copy & paste ‘#WhatHappensInVegasStaysInVegas’ (or other more applicable reference) to each transaction.
Then search for the ‘#…’ tag and the search results will show the total and average spend at the bottom of the search results. At least on Android it does.

It won’t give a drill-down % of the tag income/ougoings and you can’t Flex it, but flexing a tag is quite the idea!

Imagine still paying off beers a year later!!