Group recipients and split transactions?

I’ve noticed in a few occasions it’d be good to group recipients. For examples, my girlfriend has 2 bank accounts. Sometimes I send her money to Monzo, sometimes to HSBC.

I don’t really care that she has 2 bank accounts, but it’d be nice to group her accounts so I can see how much in total I send to her.

On the flip side of this, it’d be good to split transactions out too. My local Tesco Express comes up as Tesco Express Filling Station, but I didn’t spend £70 on fuel. More like ££60 on fuel, £10 on groceries


Hi @K20Evo

Payee management is finally undergoing a revamp as party of the big list ! :arrow_forward:We're halfway through The Big List! An update

Hopefully they work on adding what your describing as I can see the benifit.

At the moment I’m not aware of any ability to split transactions coming soon. But never say never :eyes:

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