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@hugo I imagine split functionality something like this. I’d love to help. Great job guys!


How does this work when ‘dan the man’ owes more than half of the amount?

I love it. Great idea, elegantly done.

By definition SPLIT is: “…break or cause to break forcibly into parts, especially into halves”. But I get what you are saying. During time and research I identified 5 types of P2P (peer to peer) payments.

  1. Simple payment: user A pays user B (the payments you can do now on Monzo)

  2. Request: user A creates a standing order for user B (or N users) for X amount. User B accepts or declines the payment. If accepted user A gets X

  3. Donation: user A opens a kitty for an unknown amount of money from N amount of people.

  4. Crowdfunding: user A opens a kitty for an specific X amount of money from N amount of people.

  5. Split: user A requires to split X amount among N amount of people (in some cases it needs some pence rounding)

In the case you mention you will have to use Request @RumeeAhmed

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OMG @monzonaut this is really amazing! :heart_eyes:

You’d be surprised about how similar to your design is what we’ve been working on :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity - will there eventually be a Virtual Account that’s specifically for use of two or more people paying one direct debit? As what I’ve seen so far describes it as one main bill payer making the payment then other users paying them which is then linked to that bill.

For instance I’d like to be able to pay a direct direct, whether for rent or utility bills ot whatever, between myself and my partner directly from that virtual account.


@beningreenjam the way I see it those are two different problems.

  1. Sharing cost of a transaction. We got to a restaurant, 4 friends, £40 bill. I pick the bill and I split it amongst the 3 other members of the party. Each of them pays me £10 back.

This is the problem we’re about to solve.

  1. Shared pots. I create a shared fund with my flatmates. Each of them have access to the fund and can make instalments and withdrawals. For certain amounts maybe more than 1 member of the pot needs to approve the operations, etc.

We’re not solving that yet :slight_smile:

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Ah, wasn’t aware of the Shared Pots idea!

Sorry you had to ruin your surprise in order to respond :joy: very cool though. That’d be the ideal solution and keeps the idea of splitting a restaurant bill as a separate solution to a separate problem :smile:

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@monzonaut, this is a great design for how this could be done. Would be great @hugo if you could share your own thinking as well (we haven’t had a sneak peak in a while!) as this is a frequently requested feature. I think there are two screens missing:

  1. Once you’ve chosen the friends to split the bill amongst, you should be able to apportion the bill specifically (perhaps a use of the edit Target + and - design?) rather than relying on arbitrary 50% for two, 25% for four splitting.

  2. The friend who receives a request should be able to press on the request and see the transaction detail page, including the original amount of the bill, receipt image, etc so that they can confirm they’re happy with what they’re paying for, etc. Of course, should they want to dispute the amount, that should also be possible.

A few other thoughts; I’d quite like it if we didn’t have to have the friend paying you transactions on the feed - rather, could the friend payments reduce the amount displayed in the timeline for the original transaction and then be detailed on the transaction detail page? Surely this would also make targets more accurate as me paying £50 for Eating Out and splitting it between 2 would then make the transaction appear as £25 in Targets which I would expect.

It’d also be great if the friend who pays part of the split bill could add their own notes to the transaction, rather than having the original note locked in. I discovered you couldn’t change it on a regular ‘send money’ transaction the other day which was annoying as my friend had used a note which didn’t correspond to the way I use notes so searching is now not as powerful as I had hoped.

Those are some great suggestions, I’d like to have points 1, 2 & 4.

The only point I’m not sure about is -

This would work fine if you were paid back on the same day but not if you weren’t. I think you probably need the total payment to disappear from your balance (this maintains your up-to-date balance) & then for each of your friends payments to appear as credits (you’ll want to be able to understand why your balance increased after a couple of days).

I would still expect the credits to be applied to the chosen category’s targets (the amount that you have left to spend for that category) so that’s the outcome that you’d get to.

Does that make sense?

Some good points you make there @alexs. Definitely agree that we don’t want people to be confused by the balance figure going up and down unexpectedly. I just feel that there must be a better way of presenting friends paying you back than having each one listed on the transactions dashboard. Consider sharing a bill with fifteen friends - that’s going to be a lot of screen space taken up by each one paying you back and will make all of your other recent transactions a lot further down the screen that they might otherwise be. Would be interested to hear what @hugo thinks about this…

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Without drawing a mockup, I could easily see a use for a collapsible list in cases such as this. Something like perhaps, though not so crudely designed:

Pizza Express £60/£210 ^
:white_check_mark: Dave -------------- £30
:white_check_mark: Steve ------------- £30
:x: Bob --------------- £30
:x: Jack -------------- £30
:x: Jenny ------------ £30
:x: Mike -------------- £30
:x: Nicola ------------ £30


Moving this conversation to the original topic, to keep everything in one place

Tristan’s just added request money from non-Monzo users to the roadmap, although we don’t know whether this will feed into bill splitting or not yet :pray:

If it didn’t, it would be a good incentive for Monzo users to get their friends to sign up so that they can use this feature with them…

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The reality is that it is very common & usual that you need the ability to split in a non-equal fashion.

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Don’t worry about that. We’re fully aware that people don’t always go Dutch, you’ll be able to adjust the amount each person is meant to pay back.


I guess bill splitting will first arrive on iOS and Android Users will still have to wait a long way? Or am I be gonna surprised with next update? :wink:

I think we’ll release this on iPhone first, yes.

HOWEVER, next Android update will bring you “Spending” for the first time so I think users of both platforms will be a bit happier very :soon:.


Spending? Can you elaborate a little?

Sure :slight_smile:

The design has been updated but conceptually is the same stuff we shared a few months ago.

Basically, a breakdown of your monthly spending.


Awesome. Also one more thing…Is pulse graph coming to android?

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